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The Evolution Of “MyTitleGuy” – Radio Interview With The Golf Realty Network

Video For Real Estate

{MP4 Below}. They say "Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention". This is the story of how MyTitleGuy was created and why. 4 years ago I had a problem. A career ending problem. I went from being one of the top title reps at every title company I worked for in Phoenix to nothing. Almost over night. The reason... The housing bubble had burst. 80% of the deals in Phoenix were distressed - REO or Short Sale. I went from a healthy book of business, real estate agents that … [Read more...]

WordPress For Real Estate

WordPress for real estate

That's it! You have had it. You're a real estate agent and you are sick and tired of hearing, not that you need a website, but that you need a WordPress website for real estate. You have heard the benefits of WordPress real estate websites - ya know, that Google loves WordPress, and that you will OWN it, that there are thousands of plugins and themes, that it's open source and a great CMS, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with social media. You also know you are not … [Read more...]