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A New Tool To Help You Build Your Real Estate Business – iFoundAgent

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If you are a real estate agent here in Phoenix that has been to our (Grand Canyon Title) real estate marketing classes or a real estate professional around the country that has visited this website or watched any of my real estate marketing videos, you have heard me reference something called a "HUB". You are on my HUB - my website. My HUB is where I create content for my ideal client - YOU - to find. I create articles and downloadable PDF's here and I embed my videos … [Read more...]

Real Estate Business Plan. 2013 Business Goals

real estate business goals

It's November 2012. If you are a real estate agent in Phoenix you are likely already getting the calls, blast emails, postcards, flyers and other solicitations. They are from your real estate broker, competing real estate brokers, team leader, title companies, mortgage companies or other vendors. What do they want? To help you with your real estate business plan and 2013 real estate business goals. They know. They know the holidays is a great time for some real estate … [Read more...]

Blog – The Art Of The Story

Monday evening. I'm watching TV and following up on some notes from our writing workshop here in Phoenix. When I say "our" I am referring to Lawyers Title of Arizona and Pro-Found Marketing. My name is Stephen Garner, I am a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix, Arizona - I spent 10 years helping real estate professionals grow their business before leaving to co found PRO-Found. PRO-Found is a play on words. Take profound and split it into 2 … [Read more...]

WordPress vs Active Rain – Which Is Best For Your Real Estate Business

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    It's the age old question, not the chicken or the egg,  WordPress vs Active Rain - which is better for your real estate business? I am a former business development manager for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona, I spent 10 years helping real estate professionals [REALTORS and Loan Officers] grow their business. I was around in the days when postcards and flyers actually worked! Today,  everything [and everyone] is shifting online, … [Read more...]