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New Embedded YouTube Player Encourages Sharing And Engagement

Video thumbnail for youtube video New Embedded YouTube Player Encourages Sharing And Engagement - My Title Guy

It seems like every time I check my YouTube channel [which is a lot by the way] there is something new. Not surprising, YouTube and Google [YouTube's owner] have always been well above the curve in my opinion. The changes in my Youtube Channel may be in anticipation of YouTube's announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in December 2011 that "90% of all traffic will be video". Regardless of their rationale, I am a fan - mostly anyway. [No more friends?] 2011 Changes To … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Real Estate Website

Real Estate Marketing Tips

You know - don't you? That your real estate business has changed? That consumer behavior has changed? That your real estate marketing needs to - change? If you have been in the real estate space since 2005, this may sound familiar: pick out a postcard [glossy or JUMBO], add photo shopped image of yourself [cut out that guy/girl you met at the beach - the one with the really good picture of you], add a tagline like "for all your real estate needs", add contact information: … [Read more...]