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Bye Bye Twinkie: What Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Twinkie


Seems like everywhere I've looked over the last week I heard about Hostess, the makers of the iconic Twinkie, filing for bankruptcy. Growing up in Upstate New York, I remember Twinkles fondly from my youth. Walking to the corner store, lawn mowing or snow shoveling money in hand, with my best friend Benny and coming back with Now and Laters and yes, Twinkies. Twinkies were ingrained in the American lexicon. There was even a defense based upon it {Google it}.  Notice I said … [Read more...]

How Did You Learn This Stuff? The development of a strong USP

Unique Selling Proposition

"How did you learn this stuff?" he said. He is Blair Ballin, a REALTOR®  in Phoenix. I was shooting a video of his luxury listing in Phoenix. "Huh?" I asked. ""How did you learn this stuff - the video and WordPress and camera equipment, you know - that stuff. How did you learn about it?" he asked again. I explained. The development of a strong USP I have been in title for 11 years. I have always been a sales guy. I know people. I know the best sales people ask more … [Read more...]

What’s So Special About You? Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out With A USP

Unique Selling Proposition Real Estate

  What is soooooo special about you?  This is a question even seasoned real estate professionals struggle to answer.  Hello, I am Stephen Garner, Director Of Sales Technology For Grand Canyon Title Agency in Phoenix, Arizona.  I work with real estate professionals day in and day out. Recently I have started asking Phoenix real estate agents I meet with these two question: "what is so special about you?" "Why would I-the consumer-choose to work with you … [Read more...]