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Thanks For Attending The Twitter Class

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Hey, Stephen here. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for attending the Twitter class at Grand Canyon Title's Mesa office. I told you when I announced the Twitter class (in the video below) that I was going to change your perception of this powerful marketing tool. So... did I? Did I change your perception? Do you now feel like you understand not only what Twitter is but how you can use it as part of your online strategy? I have a horrible memory. My … [Read more...]

Whats The Deal With Twitter? May 21st 2013. Mesa Arizona

Twitter For Real Estate

The other day I was teaching a video class. To get an idea of where the real estate agents in the room are technologically I asked "who is on Twitter"?. Of the 40 real estate agents in the room, 5 raised their hands indicating there were on Twitter. I dug deeper. "Who has sent a tweet in the last week?". Crickets. Zip. Nada. Zero. "Whyyyyyyyyy?" I asked. The responses were telling. I hope you can make it. This class is limited to 10 agents, 1st come 1st served. For … [Read more...]

Twitter For Real Estate Agents. How To Use Twitter To Get Leads RIGHT NOW. {Tutorial}

Twitter For Real Estate

"Twitter Is Dumb". I hear this all the time when I meet with real estate professionals; real estate agents and loan officers here in Phoenix, Arizona. I laugh. I ask, "OK, Tell me WHY is Twitter Dumb?" "Well. . . because I just don't get it"or "No one in my office is using Twitter" is what I hear 99.9% of the time. The BLIND leading The BLIND In our real estate marketing classes I often tell real estate agents "I think real estate agents should NOT hang out with other … [Read more...]

Improving Customer Service and Brand Experience: With TWITTER

Hook a brother up Santa!

Maaaaaan If I had a dollar for as many times as I have heard real estate peeps say "Twitter is dumb" I'd be rich, well I would have had a few more Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte's from Starbucks any way. How quick we are to discount or discourage something we don't understand. Let me tell you a story.... {dream sequence} It was a cold December 7th - a Wednesday I believe. I was cruising my Twitter feed, catching up with what the Twitterverse has been up to. In the spirit … [Read more...]

Protected: Twitter For Real Estate: How To Use Twitter To Build Your Title Business

Twitter Marketing For Title Companies

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Real Estate Marketing – It’s All About The Numbers

twitter for real estate

Remember the days when postcards and flyers were all the rage? I know what you are thinking, no this is not a typical rant against direct mail, this one is about Twitter. So do you? Remember when? Hello, my name is Stephen Garner, a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix, Arizona. I spent 10 years in the title industry helping real estate agents and loan officers grow their business. Back in the days, real estate agents used flyers and postcards … [Read more...]