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Senate Bill 133 Is A Title Rep’s Best Friend. Here’s Why

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Thaaaaat's right, I said it. SB 133 is a California title rep's best friend. And I mean it. Here's why. Today I received a call from a title rep in California, smart guy, been in the title business for over 20 years, let's call him "Doug". "Doug" like so many other title reps, title companies, attorneys and real estate agents found me online. He went to a search engine like Google and asked it a question. Like other consumers he did this for one of two reasons, 1). to … [Read more...]

Marketing REALTORS: What Title Reps Can Learn From IBM and KODAK

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Blockbuster Video, Empire Records, Broadcast News what do they have in common? When I was a kid, I loved movie night - Fridays. My father traveled a lot for business so on Friday's my brother and I got mom's homemade pizza and a movie. That movie always came from one place - Blockbuster Video. I could not imagine why that would change. When I got older, my parents let me venture past my neighborhood, as long as I had my best friend Jonathan with me. Like many … [Read more...]

Title Company Marketing – What Is Value?

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It's Friday Yea! The last day of work before the weekend. Thousands, scratch that - hundreds of thousands of 9 to 5ers celebrate this day as the last day before they get to relax and unwind from a long week. Of course, I am not included in those 9 to 5ers, I left the title industry after 10 years to focus on my new venture - PRO-Found Marketing. Starting a new company is a lot like having a baby, it's a lot of work and worry and frustration and you can't wait for it to be … [Read more...]

How Real Estate Agents Are Like Elephants

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  "Warning: This is a generalization.... Thanks Cara". :-) Real estate agents are like elephants. No they are not big or ugly or smell. Agents are like elephants because they - like elephants - have great memories - they never forget - they hold grudges against their abusers. My mom says by 7 year old daughter has a memory like an elephant. She never forgets. Really. We go places that I have long since forgotten about that she remembers - immediately. "Dad, … [Read more...]

5 Best Practices For Email Marketing In Real Estate

photo credit: kirstyhall This is a shift for me.  I am a former business development manager for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona.  I help real estate professionals-real estate agents and loan officers-grow their business.  I do this online-where the consumer is.  Normally I write about websites, video and social media.  Today I want to talk about Email, specifically Email Marketing. I learned some great information from the Hubspot webinar on email … [Read more...]

Marketing To The Internet HUB

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Do you have a HUB?  Do you know how to market to it? No this isn't some new real estate designation you just gotta have, a HUB is a common destination for people to come together.  I grew up in Syracuse New York, I spent the better part of my life there, leaving when I was 22.  When I was in high school the place to see and be be seen was at my boy Sammy's house.  Sammy always had the best parties, it didn't matter if you were a freshman or a senior, if you were at Sammy's … [Read more...]