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What Is Title Insurance? Why Do I Need It? – Title Insurance Arizona

Title Company Arizona

You are buying a home. You may have gotten qualified for a FHA loan, Conventional loan or maybe a VA home loan. Additionally, you have looked far and wide for the perfect home for you and/or your family and you have finally found it. Congratulations! Your real estate agent takes out his or her iPad, notepad, notebook or old school paper contract, turns to you and says "do you have a preference on a title company?" Huh? you say. "What's a title company?" you ask. Your real … [Read more...]

What is Title Insurance?

You have identified the home of your dreams, your Realtor writes the purchase contract, upon review you notice XYZ Title Agency on line 91 of the Arizona Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract. You ask your Realtor: "Whats a title company, why do I need title insurance?" Great question! In Arizona, a Title company provides services to buyers, sellers, developers, investors builders, lenders and others who have an interest in the real estate transfer.  Title … [Read more...]