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You Are A Liar. So Am I. The Truth About Lying.

Real Estate Video Marketing

Are you a liar? Let me rephrase that. You are a liar. Don't worry, I am too. So is the person to your left, your right, in front of you and in back of you. We are all liars. Statistics show we lie and are lied to 10 to 200 times - Per DAY! Crazy huh. So you are probably wondering why I am writing a post on lying when this website is dedicated to marketing, specifically real estate marketing. Well, I was not always a title rep. Before I was a title rep I was in college at … [Read more...]

Caution REALTORS®: Thinking You Know It All Can Cost You

Real Estate Video Marketing

Sayings. We love them. "a rolling stone gathers no moss", "what you don't know can't hurt you", "those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones", "every dog has his day", I could go on and on and on and - well, you get the point. Let me add another "saying" to the mix - this one is absolutely true: "Thinking you know it all can cost you". Let me explain. Yesterday, (Thursday) I taught a video class "How To Use Video In Your Real Estate Business" at a local Keller … [Read more...]

Protected: Real Estate Video Marketing. HOW TO Use Video In Your Real Estate Business

Video For Real Estate

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

Real Estate Videos: How To Tell If Your Real Estate Videos Stink

Video For Real Estate

Real estate marketing is changing in response to a massive shift in consumer behavior. The old days of real estate marketing, staples like direct mail, post cards, TV, radio, flyers, [deep breath in] door to door, pop bye's, print real estate books, cold calls, billboards, shopping carts, branded pens, calendars, sports schedules, pads and fly swatters [to name a few] are quickly being replaced by staples of new real estate marketing: websites, SEO, SEM, content, keyword … [Read more...]

Real Estate Videos 10 Tips To Video Marketing Success

Tips For Using Video in Real Estate Marketing

If a picture says 1000 words how many does a video say? 2000? 200,000? 2,000,000? I guess it depends on WHO your target market is. Real estate agents and real estate marketing is traditionally slow to change. Don't ask me why, I just work here. It's hard to believe that only 5 short years ago most real estate agents didn't have a website. Today, when I come across a real estate agent without a website I think "daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, they still make you?" My name is Stephen … [Read more...]