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Real Estate Marketing Strategy: There Is Video in Your Future

How To Beat Your Competition For Listings

I dont need to rub a lamp, make a wish or pull a rabbit from a hat to tell you this: your next real estate marketing strategy is video. Video is the future of your real estate marketing. Now, before you start complaining let me ask you this: if you were looking for a home on the internet, would you prefer to see pictures or watch a video? Real Estate Marketing Strategy What is yours? I may not know you and you may not know me but I would be willing to guess your real estate … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Don’t Be A Victim Of Hindsight

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Don't Be A Victim Of Hindsight - My Title Guy

"If I had only known. . ." if you are like most people you have said this little gem hundreds of times. World English Dictionary lists hindsight as — n 1. the ability to understand, after something has happened, what should have been done or what caused the event We see hindsight everywhere. Our personal relationships, professional - literally, everywhere. If I had only known, I wouldn't have done this or that. The world would be such an easier place to live IF we … [Read more...]

Real Estate Advertising – Why You Are Irritating Your Prospects

real estate marketing tips

Over the 10 years I was a title rep I met with a lot of real estate agents - a lot. If during our meeting they asked me what I thought about their marketing I would ask "do you want the truth?" Now that I am out of the title industry, I meet with real estate agents as a marketing guy, to discuss their websites - what is right and what is wrong, what is working and what is not. After the pleasantries I ask one question "Do I have Permission To Be 100% Honest With You?" 95% of … [Read more...]

The Foundation For Success In Real Estate? Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

What is the foundation for success in real estate? I am a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona - I spent 10 years in the business helping real estate professionals grow their business. After 10 years in the title industry I have seen quite a few real estate marketing strategies. Today I had a conversation with a good friend about the real estate business, about real estate marketing strategy. If you have read any of my previous posts … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Is your real estate marketing dumb?

real estate marketing tips

I received another one. Another stupid postcard from some real estate agent I don't know, have never heard of and would never work with. I chuckle and cringe when I receive these kind of things in the mail, they are funny to me. Hey, at least I took the time to look at it. I bet 99.9% of the other consumers that received her postcard didn't even do that. Well, at least she had help in paying for it - from her title company and her loan officer. I have spent 10 years in the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing

Remember the old adage "Give the man a fish or teach the man how to fish"?  Well, every real estate professional wants fish.  In this case, "fish" are leads.  I am a business development manager for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona.  I teach real estate professionals-real estate agents and loan officers/lenders-how to fish. In an environment where every real estate professional wants more business or "fish" to stay on topic, many of them are using real … [Read more...]