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Real Estate Marketing Phoenix – Then VS Now

Real Estate Marketing Phoenix

Real estate marketing in Phoenix has changed. I remember the old days when REALTORS could grow their real estate business {exclusively} with direct mail - postcards, flyers, magnets, newsletters - and a clever tagline "Everything I Touch Turns To SOLD!". Those were the old days. Real Estate Marketing Phoenix - The Old Days The concept of real estate marketing remains the same. You simply need to be there when a consumer has a need for your real estate services. The eyeballs … [Read more...]

Arizona Banks Shifting Away From Foreclosure Towards Short Sale: Problem For Some

Arizona Banks Shift From Foreclosure To Short Sale

If you are a real estate professional in the Phoenix Metro area you may have noticed today's [11/5/11] front page story in the Arizona Republic. Traditionally front page stories related to real estate are bad news - the media loves bad news - surprisingly this news was good. The headline: Banks In Arizona Shift To Short Sales. Like all news related to a market, it is good for some and bad - for others. First the good. If you have clients swirling around the bowl of the … [Read more...]