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MacX Video Converter Pro FREE!

Video thumbnail for youtube video MacX Video Converter Pro FREE! - My Title Guy

Once in a while I stumble upon something online that is AWESOME and FREE and when I do, it's like the "Mission Impossible" theme music starts in my head as I rush to download it before it disappears. Today, that freebee, which is totally awesome by the way, is MacX Video Converter Pro. Now, before you get all excited and stuff notice the first word in the title of this post - MAC, meaning if you are a PC, "all circuits are busy now please hang up and try your call again … [Read more...]

Real Estate Videos For Marketing: Another Way To Tell A Story

real estate marketing classes

Real estate videos for marketing are not the future. They are the present. I meet people all the time that ask me "were you scared when you first got in front of the camera?" I take a step back, look at them square in the eye and say - OF COURSE! For some reason we (humans) think we came out of the box with a set skill, but never really think what it took to perfect it. Look at Lebron James. Lebron makes playing basketball look easy, so much so that sometimes I think I can … [Read more...]

Marketing Real Estate: Why We Don’t Provide “Snacks”

Video For Real Estate

It seems like almost every month a real estate agent, broker, office manager or team leader here in Phoenix asks me about "snacks". Do I have any? Will I bring some? What kind!? Look, I get it. It's not your fault. You have become accostomed to it. Like Ham and Burger, Sand and Wich, Hot and Dog, Pi and Zza, you've been conditioned to think title company and snack! Who can blame you? For the longest time the value proposition of many title companies in Phoenix … [Read more...]

Social Media For Real Estate Agents: BEWARE Of The EXPERT

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Who do you turn to when you want to learn about the Arizona purchase contract? Your broker? A seasoned real estate agent? Hopefully an expert - correct? Who do you turn to when your car needs service? Your dealer, an off-site mechanic - an expert - correct? Who do you turn to when you need help with social media? A social media expert of course! While you can clearly identify your broker or another real estate agent; your car dealer or a mechanic; do you know what a "social … [Read more...]

Using Video In Real Estate – How To Use Video

Ways To Use Video Real Estate

Are you using video in real estate? You will be. In fact - if you know me you know already that I say it like it is. At least how I see it anyway. Ready? You will be using video in your real estate business or you will be out of it. The real estate business that is. Yep - I said it. There are many ways you can use video in your real estate business - to communicate, convey value, build trust ad rapport and get found online. I've listed a few of them below. Video For … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing: 8 Ways NOT To Get Found Online

Real Estate Content Creation

Look here and look there, it seems like everyone is an SEO or Search Engine Optimization expert. They tell real estate agents like you to do this or do that. Post this or post that. All to get noticed by the pretty lady. The pretty lady in this case is Google and she has the power to make or break your real estate business. Since there are so many experts out there telling you what you should do, I thought we should discuss 8  ways NOT to get found online. 8 Ways NOT To Get … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Production: How To Use Video In Real Estate Series

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Video Production: How To Use Video In Real Estate Series - My Title Guy

Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment you are in the market to buy a home in Chandler, Arizona. You have done some research, you know that areas you would like to live in. First choice of course are those homes under $350,000 within 5 miles of the kids school or your job. Like 94% of consumers looking for a home you go to the Internet FIRST. You do a search Google returns 1 of 500,000 results for your search term. As you are about to click "back" on your browser and … [Read more...]