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Protected: 60 Real Estate Content Ideas

real estate content ideas

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Real Estate Website

Real Estate Marketing Tips

You know - don't you? That your real estate business has changed? That consumer behavior has changed? That your real estate marketing needs to - change? If you have been in the real estate space since 2005, this may sound familiar: pick out a postcard [glossy or JUMBO], add photo shopped image of yourself [cut out that guy/girl you met at the beach - the one with the really good picture of you], add a tagline like "for all your real estate needs", add contact information: … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content: The Most Important Part Of Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Content

"Go ahead and create some real estate content. Then you can optimize your real estate content to get found online by your ideal client. Don't forget the call to action at the end and make sure it speaks to the value you provide or the problem you solve"   Real Estate Content If you have been creating real estate content for any period of time you already know: Content Is King. Let me rephrase that: GREAT Real Estate Content Is King. Real Estate Content is what consumers … [Read more...]

A Real Estate Quote That’s All Mine. I Hope You Will Steal It

real estate quotes

I have a new quote. It's all mine too. I didn't copy anyone else, I didn't steal from anyone else either. It's all mine. In a world where people love to steal each others quotes and pass them off as their own I can say I didn't -  it's all mine. I hope you will steal it. Let's start with HOW I came up with this quote. I didn't crawl Facebook or Twitter, YouTube or even the Internet - I reached within and pulled it out - of me. I pulled it out because I am frustrated. Yes, … [Read more...]

12 Real Estate Blog Posts You Should Write Immediately

real estate blog post ideas

Got a real estate blog? If so, you already know the value of getting "found" online. Hopefully you are in the 20%  10% of real estate agents that are actually using it regularly. The 80/20 rule is more like 90/10 in regards to REALTORS® that actively blog. Every real estate agent I speak with wants more business - but many don't realize the path of least resistance is tied to their real estate blog. That being said, here are 12 real estate blog posts you should write … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content and back links and their role in getting you found online

Man Filling out Tax Form

So, someone has talked to you about Search Engine Optimization or SEO and the pivotal role it plays in getting your real estate website "found" online. You may have gone to a class or talked to a "Guru" but one thing is fairly certain, somewhere inside the conversation the topic of real estate content and real estate back links came up. So you went to the internet and asked a search engine a question and you ended up here. Welcome. So, What is real estate content? What is a … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony Trial – What Real Estate Agents Can Learn

To fully comprehend what I am saying in this post you will need to be BIG enough to put your feelings aside for the verdict, Caylee and Casey Anthony. If you can't do that, ..... please move on to another post. The Casey Anthony murder trial ended today and there is already a lesson for real estate agents to learn. Hello, my name is Stephen Garner, I am a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona and co - founder of PRO-Found … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content | How To Get “Found” Online

Real Estate Blog Content

You've heard it said before, "content is king", but what does that really mean? When it comes to growing your real estate business not many tools are as efficient, as successful as engaging as a website and unique, engaging, keyword rich, valuable content. You know from your own behavior that when you need something - anything - you [most likely] go to the Internet. Not just the Internet, you most likely go to something called a search engine, like Google. Looking for a … [Read more...]

Writing Workshop [Writer’s Camp] For REALTORS Launches In Arizona

Writing Workshop For REALTORS

Does any of this sound familiar? Being  a REALTOR or real estate agent is not an easy job. It takes commitment, passion, knowledge - a license and lets not forget about time and money. When you decided to get into this business you made a promise to your self - you were going to succeed - whatever it took. I mean, you didn't say "I will try" right? No, you said I am going to do this. You get your real estate license, picked a real estate broker and you reported for … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content – Real Estate Websites

Somewhere on the east coast..... There is a man. He is retired. He lives in upstate New York, or Pennsylvania, or Massachusetts - he lives where it's cold. Not just cold, bone cold - and windy. He is shoveling snow from his driveway and sidewalk - AGAIN. Heavy, wet, dirty, slushy snow. As he shovels he moans about his taxes. They keep going up. His taxes go up, yet services go down. Just then, a car drives by and splashes cold, wet, dirty slush on him. "Dammit!" He … [Read more...]