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Real Estate Agents: Don’t You EVER… EVER… EVER.. Do THIS


Everywhere I look I see real estate agents doing it. It makes me want to SCREAM "what are you doing?!!". I see them do it on facebook, on Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, even on their own real estate websites. I met with an agent yesterday that I would consider pretty "tech savvy" and even HE DID IT. So I told him what I am about to tell you and If you are anything like him (and I am betting you are) this simple fix will result in more traffic, more leads, more closings and … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content and back links and their role in getting you found online

Man Filling out Tax Form

So, someone has talked to you about Search Engine Optimization or SEO and the pivotal role it plays in getting your real estate website "found" online. You may have gone to a class or talked to a "Guru" but one thing is fairly certain, somewhere inside the conversation the topic of real estate content and real estate back links came up. So you went to the internet and asked a search engine a question and you ended up here. Welcome. So, What is real estate content? What is a … [Read more...]