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How To Market A Real Estate Agent

How To Market A Real Estate Agent

How To Market A Real Estate Agent. It seems like I am asked this question every single day. Well today I am going to tell you exactly how to market a real estate agent, or at least the way I would do it if I was a real estate agent. Now, let me start by telling you I am NOT a real estate agent. You may be thinking, "How would you know how to market a real estate agent if you are not a real estate agent?" Which would be a logical question right? Well, it's the fact that I … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing. The 800lb Gorilla In The Room

Germann Country Estates

I had the pleasure of speaking at a rather large real estate brokerage on Wednesday. The meeting, it was a monthly sales meeting. The broker asked me to come in and speak about technology, specifically technology as it relates to real estate marketing. WordPress, Video, Craigslist, Screencast, Indexable IDX solutions for WordPress. That kind of stuff. The broker knows me, He knows I can be a little controversial. By "controversial" I mean truthful. Too many people in the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent Marketing: How Real Estate Tools Have Changed

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Wednesday afternoon. I pull in my subdivision after a long day at Grand Canyon Title helping real estate agents grow their business with technology. Before I pull in the driveway I get the mail, I'm lazy like that - why walk to the mailbox when you can drive right? I grab the mail, get back in the car and drive to mi casa [my house for the Spanish impaired]. Walk in my house, met my 3 dogs, 2 kids and my wife - Aracely. Mail goes on the counter until I find out how … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent Marketing. Little Value: [OPINION]

Real Estate Agent Marketing

This Is A Rant. . . Many of the emails and comments I have received from real estate agents, title reps and consumers alike have said that many of you appreciate my "no nonsense" style of telling it like it is OR at least how I think it is. Well, here is another one for you....Enjoy! Is This You? I am about to tell you something I have wanted to say for a long time. You don't know me although you certainly should, I am your ideal client - the consumer. I may be a … [Read more...]

YOU Just Lost ANOTHER Real Estate Lead

Inbound Marketing For Real Estate

Thursday, another balmy day in August in Phoenix Arizona. I'm working on writing content, excuse me - unique, dynamic, engaging and valuable content - for some of our clients at PRO-Found Marketing. I'm a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix. I spent 10 years helping real estate agents grow their business. I'm in the zone - writing. My phone is on vibrate as I'm focused. Twitter is blowing up on my iPhone 404-04 buzz - buzz - buzz, it's … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing For Real Estate: Are You An Order Taker OR An Expert?

WordPress For Real Estate

When it comes to your real estate marketing - Are you an order taker or an expert? Sounds weird I know but I am serious. Are you an order taker or an expert? In the United States there are over 1 million real estate agents, some are experts but the overwhelming majority are order takers. Now before you look inward and become self conscious about which one you might be let me be the 1st to tell you there is nothing wrong with being an order taker, although being an expert is … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent Marketing – Is It All About You?

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WARNING: THIS IS A RANT. Saturday night. My kids finally fell asleep. So what did I do? Catch up on my "must see TV"? Watch a movie? Go to bed? Obviously not - I'm writing - to, rather FOR you. But before I made this decision I grabbed my iPhone to catch up with my friends. My Facebook Friends. I have my "friends" separated into lists in Facebook. At this time of night I usually check up on my personal friends, - the friends I grew up with in New York, the ones I went to … [Read more...]