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QR Code Marketing: But My Title Rep Said. . .

QR Codes Real Estate

Modeling. In the real estate space real estate agents are encouraged to model. See something that works? Don't reinvent the wheel - model it! Modeling is common in our country, if you see a successful product, service or idea you can bet there is another company that will copy, excuse me - "model" it. Look at Groupon and Daily Deals, Deal Chicken, Living Social and so on. A Good idea spawns a lot of copycats. Real Estate Marketing is no different. But before you "model" … [Read more...]

QR Codes For Real Estate: When Where How And How NOT To Use Them

QR Codes For Real Estate

QR Codes! QR Codes! QR Codes! Everywhere you look in the real estate space you are likely to see QR Codes for Real Estate! Newspapers, Magazines, Sports Schedules, Fly Swatters, Postcards, Flyers, products, bottles, t-shirts, business cards, facebook, twitter, linkedin, should I keep going? Yes, with all the rush of real estate agents to be early adopters of technology, many of them are using QR Codes for real estate incorrectly. Lets talk about what a QR Code is, QR Code … [Read more...]