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marketing a title company

He is a title rep. He is good too. He has been in the business for years. His job is to get real estate agents and loan officers to use his title company over the many others in his market. He makes his calls, cold calls, warm calls, office calls trying to meet and engage his ideal client - real estate agents. He has been in the title business for years but he has a problem. It's not going well. The things he used to provide to real estate agents, [post cards, flyers, … [Read more...]

Title Company Marketing- The Emergence of the Beta Rep

Title Company Marketing

I was a title rep from 2001 to 2011, 10 years of joy, frustration, stress, anxiety, did I say frustration? I worked for 5 different title companies over those 10 years - all in Phoenix, one of the most competitive real estate and title markets in the country. I've met and worked with a lot of title reps over those 10 years. Great people. Let me say that again - great people. It takes a certain amount of gusto to go forward with the rejection that title reps are often … [Read more...]