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Real Estate Videos 10 Tips To Video Marketing Success

Tips For Using Video in Real Estate Marketing

If a picture says 1000 words how many does a video say? 2000? 200,000? 2,000,000? I guess it depends on WHO your target market is. Real estate agents and real estate marketing is traditionally slow to change. Don't ask me why, I just work here. It's hard to believe that only 5 short years ago most real estate agents didn't have a website. Today, when I come across a real estate agent without a website I think "daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, they still make you?" My name is Stephen … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate – Vanity vs Value

Real Estate Video

Congratulations! I say congratulations because you have finally decided to research what it takes to use video in your real estate marketing. It took a lot to get here, I know. You are seeing video EVERYWHERE. There are significant benefits to using video in your real estate marketing.  Have you heard some young kid in your office speaking at your office meetings about how he got X amount of buyers or listings from using video in his business yet? You will!  I am a former … [Read more...]