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Facebook For Real Estate Agents. What’s a “toss” and why should I care?

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"What's a toss?" A real estate agent asked me today. "Toss, like to throw something you mean" I asked? "No", she said, "I don't think so anyway". Flashing back to my childhood, asking my father the meaning of a word, I said what he would say to me: "use it in a sentence.". "A real estate agent got kicked off of facebook for violating something called toss" she said. "Oh, TOS as in Terms Of Service!" "Yes". she said, "what is that?" I asked for more information. "What did … [Read more...]

What Realtors can learn from sale of the Huffington Post

photo credit: smemon87 On February 7th, Arianna Huffington announced that AOL is purchasing the Huffington Post for 315 million dollars.  The Huffington Post, also referred to as HuffPo, was founded on May 2005 by Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti and features various news sources and columnists and contributors. The site provides news coverage of media, politics, business, entertainment world news and comedy among others. Over the years, HuffPo has grown … [Read more...]

Realtors and Loan Officers, ignore Facebook at your own peril.

facebook for loan officers

If you have been around me for any period of time I most likely have brought up integrating Facebook into your Arizona Real Estate marketing. This week, leveraging Facebook in your  Arizona real estate marketing got some validation. Facebook has now eclipsed Google as the most visited website on the Internet. Let me say that again..... More people are going to Facebook daily than Google. Hitwise recently reported that market share of visits to … [Read more...]

SMUrcle. The How To Get Business With Social Media

You've heard all the statistics before "There are over 400 Million people on Facebook", "Over 10,000 people are joining Twitter every day", "12% of people have blogs" on and on and on.  You have also most likely attended a class on Facebook or Twitter in the last year, maybe the instructor you had was rookie enough to try and explain them both in the same class.  Regardless of how many classes you have attended about social media, you most likely left feeling like you were … [Read more...]