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Title reps: Does yours help you build your Arizona Real Estate Business?

Cold Calls, no that's not a good start to a blog post, no one likes cold calls. I know I don't.  Oh, I know, I will start like this. O.K. It's Monday, my call day.  Not that I like making Cold Calls-I don't.  I guess my biggest challenge with cold calls is that I don't like it when someone cold calls me!  You are probably the same way.  Anyway,...... I am a title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix, AZ so that is what I am doing today to set my … [Read more...]

Missing! Out On Great Service

If you are a REALTOR in Arizona and you are not getting the benefit of a marketing representative then you are MISSING! out on a great service.  Marketing rep's for title companies in Arizona have 2 main purposes, promote the company they work for and help you grow your business..  Most of them are very good at one, and the other-"Not So Much". Why? Well, if you sit down with a marketing rep, they are most likely going to spend most of the time telling you how amazing the … [Read more...]

What’s Old Republic Title Agency’s Advantage Program?

AAH-the good old days- Remember the good old days when at the end of a signing your clients would get a copy of everything that was signed or reviewed at the closing? You know, that big heavy package filled with copies of the purchase contract, note, deed of trust, pre-audit, final HUD 1, title commitment, invoices, home warranty information, appraisal, signed loan documents, escrow instructions, seller payoff and new lender information? (Breathe) Well the old days are … [Read more...]

Arizona Realtors: Facebook Fanpage Updates Now Included In Real Time Search

As a Realtor there are certain things that are an absolutely necessity to conduct business. Things like a license, a car, a lock box key, access to the MLS, a broker and a Facebook Fan Page.  What? You didn't know that a facebook fan page is just as important to conduct business? I have been preaching the benefits of incorporating a facebook fan page into your real estate business for some time. According to my friends at Elance,  The Benefits to your Real Estate business … [Read more...]

Branding Can Make Or Break Your Social Media Efforts

OK that's it-you have had enough, you are going to shut everyone up that has been telling you to Blog or get on Facebook and Twitter and embrace the 21st century through social media.   You're ready to go, you have waited so long. Now......WAIT! In the rush to join the social media party you need to stop and think about a staple for any party-the "B" in B.Y.O.B..  Only this time the "B" is not for Beer but rather for BRAND. A Brand is a set of emotional attributes that you … [Read more...]

Realtors: Blog, your Business Depends On It. Well, At Least Half Does

I'm a title rep.  That's what do. I help Realtors and Loan Officers increase their business with the hope that they will use my company, Old Republic Title Agency in Arizona for their escrow and title needs.  2 years ago a meeting with a potential client went something like this: Client: "Hey Stephen, Can you help me with some flyer's and postcards for my new listing or house I just sold?" Fast forward to today. Now I usually get: Client: "Hey Stephen, Can you help me with … [Read more...]

Do you want more business?

No it's not a trick question. Do you want more business?  Maybe you are too busy. Question: Are you busy with activity or are you busy with deals?  I ask this question because its really easy for me to think that I am busy when in fact I may not be doing anything that will help me increase my business. What are you doing today that will produce results in the future? Where do you go first when you are looking for a product or service? The internet? I can't remember the last … [Read more...]

The Buzz About Google Buzz

On Tuesday February 9th 2010 Google introduced Google Buzz.  Another social network doesn't necessarily excite me, there are plenty already, however.....over 60% of all searches take place on Google meaning Google Buzz will have immediate brand recognition. Google Buzz will work with your Gmail account and with 175 Million Gmail account holders, Buzz is off to an incredible start, potentially half of Facebooks estimated 350 Million users in 1 day! Google buzz will … [Read more...]