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HD Real Estate Videos


real estate video tours

real estate video tours

I shoot all kinds of real estate video. Video of me, video of my real estate clients, interviews with experts on various topics, screencasts, green screen, subdivision and real estate video tours.

According to NAR, 73% of sellers say they would list their home for sale with a REALTOR® that would use video to market their home yet less than 2% of REALTORS® {nationally} currently use video in their real estate business. This HUGE gap creates opportunity for the REALTORS® that do it right.

By “do it right” I mean create videos that consumers would see value in. Why you are such a great REALTOR® is not necessarily of value to a consumer, a video about you and your team is not necessarily of value to a consumer. A tour of your office is not necessarily of value to anyone a consumer. Value starts with making real estate videos of value to the consumer. The best real estate videos educate and inform – the very best real estate videos tell a story.

Today 98% of consumers start their home search on the Internet. The majority are looking for information about homes for sale. One of the ways savvy REALTORS can help consumers find them online is by creating content surrounding homes for sale. The most engaging medium, the medium consumers prefer is video. There are many benefits of video in real estate, if a picture says 1000 words, video says them all. I’ve made hundreds of videos.  The right tools can make or break your real estate video tours. Consumers do not just want to see 25 pictures of a home anymore they want video. Video makes them smarter, video is fast, video is believable, video uses more of their senses, and video also allows a buyer to mentally move in to a property. Some of my HD real estate tours are below.

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The HD real estate video tours I shoot are detailed and presented with background music. After discussing a strategy with my client I highlight the features that standout in the home; metal doors, wood floors, granite, stainless steel or high end appliances, pool, spa, water features, views etc. In the editing process I clearly identify popular rooms and features with the consumer in mind. The final product includes my clients logo(s) and contact information and delivered in full HD 1080p and compatible with iPhone, iPad and other popular mobile devices.

So…how does your title company help you build your business? At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; YouTube and CISCO said 90% of all web traffic will be video, if a consumer can not find you online when they have a need, you are irrelevant. Adapt or Die. If you are a Phoenix area REALTOR®/real estate agent that wants help growing your business with technologies like WordPress, Video, Screencast, Indexable IDX and more please fill out the form below. I help real estate professionals get found on the Internet. I can help you too.

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