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Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes

Phoenix real estate marketing classes
VANILLA is the kiss of death in real estate marketing. VANILLA is boring. VANILLA doesn’t stand out or get found. No one goes out of their way for VANILLA. Is your real estate marketing VANILLA?

I’m Stephen Garner – My FREE Phoenix real estate marketing classes are anything but VANILLA, they are all about the HOW TO of real estate marketing – my real estate marketing classes will show you HOW TO grow your real estate or lending business using technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Screen Capture, Social Media, Skype, SEO, SEM and much more. I don’t teach theory or WHY you should be using video or social media or WordPress or content creation or well – you get the point, I won’t teach you WHY, I will teach you the HOW TO, what I do day in and day out to grow my and my clients own business.

Each Phoenix real estate marketing class is approximately 2 hours complete with a question and answer session at the end. Most of the Phoenix real estate marketing classes are taught by me, and I don’t teach boring, monotone real estate marketing classes. I have extensive knowledge in the real estate space, this allows me to communicate effectively surrounding the challenges real estate peeps are facing today – I faced them as well.

Below is a list and short description of the Phoenix real estate marketing classes I teach:

Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes

WordPress for Real Estate Basics – This class will teach you how to navigate what is becoming the real estate industry standard for real estate websites: WordPress. I believe there are 2 types of real estate agents today. Those using WordPress and those that will be. WordPress is a powerful tool for your real estate business – IF you know how to use it. This class will teach you HOW TO navigate and make changes within your WordPress real estate website. Don’t like the way your website looks? Change it! We will show you HOW. Need a new plugin to do something specific on your website? Find it! We will show you HOW.

Content Writing For REALTORS (Blogging). In order for your real estate website to get found online, to attract your ideal client, it needs real estate blog content [blogs, videos, pictures, ebooks, maps, listings, reviews, testimonials etc] BUT all content is not created the same. Content is to your website what gas is to your car. This class focuses on HOW TO create compelling content your ideal client would not only find value in but seek out. Content is everywhere, we discuss best practices when creating it and HOW TO optimize it to get “found” online.

Where To Get Content. Once you know how important content is to your real estate website and real estate videos your next question should be “where do I find it?”. Content is literally everywhere but all content is not created the same. The best content will attract your ideal client by answering a question they may have, help them solve a problem or make them smarter. In this class you will learn WHERE to get rockstar content consumers are looking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube – right NOW.

***NEW**** Creating Engaging Content For REALTORS – This class focuses on WHY most real estate blogs fail. What having a real estate blog does for YOU the REALTOR and more importantly, what it does for THEM the CONSUMER. How to create real estate content to Generate Leads, Gain Brand awareness, Build thought leadership. We also discuss: Goals for content, Content For The Buying Process, 6 Blog Post Tips For REALTORS, 6 must have content creation tools for REALTORS and more. Most real estate content [IDX Search] is BORING, ENGAGING CONTENT will help you get found online and show your value without you having to resort to the TRADITIONAL REALTOR MARKETING = “I’m AWESOME! I SELL MORE HOMES THAN ANYONE ELSE, FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS, EVERYTHING I TOUCH TURNS TO SOLD” etc.

SEO Basics/Keyword Research. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing your website to get “found” online by your ideal client when they actually have a need for your real estate products or services. We will de discussing  HOW TO optimize your website, pages, posts and content to draw qualified traffic [consumers] to your real estate website. 94% of consumers start their home search online, 80% will choose  the first real estate agent they come across when they have identified a need, our SEO/keyword research class will SHOW YOU – HOW TO be that first agent. Part of the SEO process is Keyword Research. Basic Keyword Research will help you understand what your ideal client would look for online when they have a need for your products or services. Without basic keyword research you run the risk of attracting the wrong audience to your website or even worse – no audience at all. Basic Keyword Research will help you identify WHAT your ideal client would look for so you can create the content they are looking for – right now. We will be using Google’s Keyword Tool for this class

HUB Marketing. This class teaches the differences between inbound real estate marketing and outbound real estate marketing. You know that old real estate marketing you are used to doing, the postcards and flyers, coffee mugs and fly swatters, sports schedules and print real estate ads – the kind you, yourself don’t response well to? This is outbound marketing. While outbound marketing relies upon marketing to consumers with a future need, Inbound Marketing is all about helping your ideal client “FIND” you online – at the exact moment they are interested in learning more about you, your business and your listings. Our Hub Marketing class focuses on HOW TO use content, video, facebook, twitter, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc to drive traffic to your HUB – your storefront – your WordPress real estate website – where consumers can not only search for properties but also watch your videos of value, experience your testimonials, learn more about you and your value.

Pinterest For Real Estate. This class will teach you how to use the fastest growing social network of all time, Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest, the website where users can post and search for pictures and videos of their favorite things. Pinterest is currently driving more traffic (consumers – buyers and sellers) to websites than Linkedin, Google + and YouTube COMBINED. Pinterest is perfectly suited for real estate because consumers are VISUAL. You will learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your real estate website, where consumers can search for homes, learn more about you and your expertise and more.

IDX Basics. An IDX or Internet Data Exchange allows consumers to search for homes for sale on your real estate website. If you give consumers this ability [hopefully you do] you have an IDX. But – all IDX products are not created the same. While they all allow consumers to search for homes, some are better then others for usability, engagement, calls to action and SEARCH. Indexable IDX products actually help draw consumers to your website through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube. This class focuses on the GetFoundIDX, the first indexable IDX solution built specifically for WordPress that you control. We will discuss HOW you can use the GetFoundIDX to get found online. See the Indexable IDX solution

Plugins, Plugins and More Plugins.This class is all about. . .plugins. Plugins give your WordPress real estate website additional functionality.  Plugins allow your real estate website to do almost – anything. From adding your real estate listings to SEO benefit to Video – there is a plugin for that. In this class we will discuss the 10 WordPress plugins every Phoenix REALTOR® should include on their WordPress real estate website. In the spirit of my HOW TO theme of teaching, we will also be installing them into your website. This class requires a self hosted WordPress website and WIFI capable laptop

Phoenix Real Estate Video Marketing Classes

How To Use Video In Your Real Estate Business Part 1. This class is about the future of real estate marketing – video. The Video class focuses on equipment needed, technique and topics for videos. Kodak Zi8 vs Flip Mino HD vs iPhone 4 vs Canon T3i vs your PC or Mac, which are the best and WHY. Which wireless or wired microphone and receivers should you use? What about editing software? This class covers various video editing platforms – which ones I use, and why. Don’t want to be in front of the camera? We also cover how to use screen capture software [Camtasia Studio PC, Camtasia mac, ScreenFlow, Jing etc] to make awesome videos you don’t even have to be in.

How To Use Video In Your Real Estate Business Part 2.  In part 1 we discuss equipment, editing software, screen capture, video topics, optimization, uploading, annotations and more. In part 2, we are actually doing it – in the class. We will make a video with the Kodak Zi8 or Canon T3i in the class, throw in a little screen capture in the class, upload the video, edit it [text, transitions, music, remove that blank stare etc] upload it to YouTube and Optimize it using the 5 ways you learned in Part 1, we will then publish it and add annotations and calls to action. The final step is to embed the video into a WordPress website and using gravity forms, add a specific call to action and we do this – yep, in the class.

How To Use Video In Your Real Estate Business Part 3. In part 2 I showed you HOW to make a video, now it’s YOUR TURN. In part 3 you will make a video in the class using your video camera PC or Mac, YOU upload it to your laptop, YOU edit it, YOU add music and transitions and text and calls to action, YOU upload it to YouTube and Optimize it for your ideal client, YOU add annotations and YOU embed it into your WordPress real estate website. Intimidated? RELAX! I will be there to help you every step of the way.

Screencast. What if I told you there was a way to convey your value without even talking about how great you are. A way to demonstrate HOW TO search the multiple listing service, navigate your website, interpret the Arizona purchase contract, SHOW your future buyers HOW to show you which homes they like – and don’t, what if I told you there was a way to do all this – in the comfort of your own home. There is. It’s called Screencast. In this class you will learn how to use Camtasia Mac or Camtasia Studio to convey value and educate consumers. Screencast technology is a great way to make a video you don’t have to be in. Once your video is made we will cover how to edit, optimize and upload to video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo

Video Editing. So you finally got up the cohenes to make a video. Awesome! Now what? This class covers HOW TO edit your marketing video {cut out that blank stare or dead space – we all do it} and make your video more engaging with music, transitions, annotations, logo’s and don’t forget – calls to action. We cover HOW TO edit your videos to keep your audiences attention and be more engaging. Editing classes can be taught on popular video editing software like iMovie and Final Cut [Mac], Windows Movie Maker and SONY VEGAS [PC]

YouTube Unzipped. YouTube is the largest of the video hosting websites and with 55% market share – is the king. YouTube stats you can’t ignore:

  • 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 13 M hours uploaded last Year, projected to be 18 hours in 2011
  • 3 million video views per day
  • 2nd largest search engine {Behind Google}
  • Average visitor spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube
  • Serves a broad demographic, 18-54 year range
You are 57 TIMES more likely to rank on the 1st page of Google with Video than you are with text alone – why? – because Google owns YouTube! Unlike text, video is indexed by Google almost immediately. In this class, you will learn HOW TO configure your YouTube channel for success. Topics: Why YouTube, YouTube Ranking Factors, Search Relevancy, Video Engagement, Syndication, Authority, Page Rank, Your Video Plan, Channel Configuration, Channel Optimization, Video Optimization, Discovering Keywords and the 4 Video Styles.
With other social channels, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Everyone is talking AND no one is listening. With YouTube everyone is conditioned to listen, to watch – YOU.

Calls To Action. This class focuses on how to create and use compelling calls to action. You can have the best real estate marketing on the planet but if you do not properly spell out WHAT, HOW and the VALUE of doing something, it could be all for not. Compelling calls to action tell the consumer what and HOW TO do something and how doing so solves a problem.

What’s The Deal With Twitter. I love hearing real estate agents tell me Twitter is dumb, I love it. If they only knew that Twitter is a marketers dream. This class focuses on WHY many serious marketers are using Twitter more than facebook. This class focuses on the benefits of Twitter in your real estate business, including driving traffic to your website, building a brand, becoming a thought leader and how to identify consumers looking fo your real estate services right now on Twitter. If you want to market to the Echo Boomer, which makes up 80 million strong in the United States, you better learn how to use Twitter because they certainly do. Major brands and companies are using Twitter for everything from customer service to customer acquisition, I will show you how you can too. See Improving Customer Service and Brand Experience With Twitter

I teach Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes all over the Phoenix metro area in person. I also have the ability to teach real estate marketing classes via webinar [GoToMeeting]. If you believe your real estate business or your lending business would benefit from one of our Phoenix real estate marketing classes [it would by the way], please call , email, fill out the form below or visit the Real Estate Marketing Class Schedule to start growing your real estate business. [Notice the call to action?] 8-O Check out the testimonials from other REALTORS that have attended our real estate marketing classes.






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