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I am committed to helping you grow your real estate business. To that end, I not only SUPPORT my clients with HD Video, Green Screen, WordPress, Screencast, Content Creation, Traffic Strategies and more, I also SHOW my clients HOW to leverage technologies and sales tools themselves.

I teach 13 classes here in the Phoenix Metro area, 13 real estate marketing classes that show you HOW to leverage these tools to convey value, educate and entertain your ideal client. My real estate marketing classes are not theory, not WHY TO but HOW TO, things I do in my business day in and day out. Should you come to my Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes? Should you work with me? Take a look at what those that have/do, have to say…..

“Thanks for your work. BTW; I had a listing appointment yesterday and they were hammering me on commission. I wouldn’t budge from 6% because I know what we do and we are worth it. They had another agent that would do it for 4.5%. or 1.5% on sell side. This is a $1,200,000.00 listing. I emailed them the video and they thought it was fantastic. Called me later and said they were going with me. Got the signed listing contract this morning. Guess we are doing another video…”


Sean Hahn, West USA Realty

Gene Montemore, Real Living Success Realty

Jeff Gritzmacher, Realty ONE Group

Sergio Santigo, West USA Revelation



Thanks so much for the awesome class last week. Your knowledge that you have bestowed upon me is an asset to my business. Looking forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship! Now let’s make some videos!



Back when I was seriously contemplating making the quantum leap from my sales position in the Automotive industry, to becoming a real estate agent, I was looking for a way to give myself an “edge” and be different than all the other agents out there. I stumbled upon one of the actual property video’s on Stephens YouTube channel then saw some of the instructional ones after that and recognized I found my “niche”. HD video with some very cool ways to shoot! Me being a Mac fan, just concreted the idea. After watching all the instructional video’s several times, finally called Stephen. WOW, he actually picked up the phone and was so nice to spend 30 min or so with me answering questions. Had to give him some “prop’s”! Oh… sorry Stephen, forgot, it’s called “Social Proof”! Can’t wait to fly from Atlanta soon and attend some of your classes. Thanks again for all the help.

Coldwell Banker Atlanta

Hello Steve,

I have never written an email like the one I am writing to you! I am sitting here shaking my head, and searching for exactly the right words to use. The heck with it, here goes:

Steve, I first met with you a few years ago, and to be honest, I thought you were a “little out there”. At the time all of my business was going to another title company, mainly due to a long standing relationship. They definitely were getting the job done for us, and I had no reason to change. What did however change, was the market, and how my company needed to do business. You challenged me to to ask the question, how is my title company helping me grow my business? A simple question, but one that really goes to the heart of the matter. Ever title company out there can process a real estate transaction. That’s a given, but what are they doing to help partner with me in growing my business? I don’t need flyer’s, or post cards, or lunch or any of that crap, I need a forward thinking partner that can challenge me with the latest technology. That’s where you come in.

Steve, thank you for EARNING our business and becoming a strategic business partner with [removed for privacy]. You guys are truly cutting edge in the use of video, social media, and progressive ways to grow our mutual businesses. Thank you for being the industry leader in these areas and for being an incredible resource.

You are our preferred title company for 2013. We will promote your business every chance we get. I must admit that the primary reason is two fold:

1. You guys do what you say you’re going to do.
2. You have shown [removed for privacy] the light.

Have a wonderful and profitable 2013.



Thanks so much for the awesome class last week. Your knowledge that you have bestowed upon me is an asset to my business. Looking forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship! Now let’s make some videos!

Stephen I took your class yesterday and was blown away with the information you provided. You are a wealth of information and provided it in such a good way. You kept my attention and left me some fantastic ideas.

I put a call into Wade this morning also to let him know how much I enjoyed it and appreciated it. I have used video to preview for out of state clients but you brought a whole new prospective to it that I hadn’t even considered for drawing more customers.

After what I learned in the class yesterday and will in the next two classes I assure you I will be happy to work with  you.


Hi there fellow New Yorker:
Thanks for a great class and good info!! I told you I’d e-mail and I’m ready for my E-book. Take a look at my website and tell me what you think at your convenience.!
I thought your class was crazy “stoopid”!! Is that the proper use of that word in a sentence.
Take care

Hi Stephen!

Attended your RE video class yesterday – my opinion…

_______________________ This line has been left blank because I haven’t ever found a stronger word than AWESOME.

So take that – on a math scale – way past 10.

Sadly, my learning curve went south, along with my youth, a long time ago.

I’ll have to work harder than your other students to “get it”…
I took copious notes yesterday, but the reality is I NEED your E-Book.

Thanks so much!!!


Dan Mullarkey, REALTOR® West USA Realty

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let you know that your video class exceeded my expectations. I realize now how much there is to know and how much I don’t know. You are truly an expert not only on video but also on YouTube and web optimization and much, much more. I am impressed!

Thank you for sharing your expertise. I hope to have an opportunity to learn more from you again in the near future.

Best Regards,


Stephen: great class! Thank you for all of the great content. Your classes should be required for all agents!


After taking the class today, I am convinced that you are the guy we need to teach us everything we need to know to make this site a true lead machine. When we get it finished, we will be going to you for training and final “tweaking” to make it everything I am envisioning. I am really bummed that I didn’t meet you before we signed on to it with this other guy.


I have been to a number of seminars in my real-estate career looking for the new technology that can help propel me to the top. It is not often that I am so impressed by a seminar but every once in a while there is that one special seminar that shines as the noon day sun. Yours was such a seminar. It so profoundly showed me what I have been looking for even when I didn’t know what I needed myself. I went to you video seminar for real estate and found you to be in a class all your own. In a previous profession I worked as professional photographer, weddings, sports, groups, etc., but I wasn’t wasn’t prepared to experience the level of professional knowledge and skill that you showed at the seminar. What you are teaching I have not seen before but it is the wave of the future for those that wish to excel. Thank you for changing the direction of my career. You are the rudder who has changed the course of my ships travel. I think everyone serious about achieving should attend you seminars. Thanks for showing me.


Hi Steve

My function and responsibility as the broker/owner is to recruit, retain and educate associates how to build there business and make more money.

Knowledge is Power and when I learn something that will provide better service to our prospects and clients and assist my associates to increase their individual market share I become a hero.

Your presentation was extremely well received, informative and is light years ahead of your competition and help me to be light years ahead of my competition.

Keep up the good work and lets move forward to the next level as a joint effort to educate agents, sell more real estate and provide your company with more business.

Best regards,


Hi Stephen,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I really enjoyed your presentation today. I am interested in expanding my business and video will no doubt be a huge part of it.

Thanks, again. I look forward to more of your classes in the future.


Thank you so much for all your information that you shared yesterday, “How to Use Video in Real Estate.” Powerful stuff, fantastic presention, and I left wanting to know more, and more. You are the leader when it comes to sharing cutting-edge technology and providing solutions to agents on how to grow their business. Hands-down, you are the best at what you do.

I enjoyed the class, but since I am getting up there in years, I am not a tech-native. I am a tech-immigrant. I would appreciate some one-on-one time to get the ball rolling. I already have a Word-press web site, and make most changes myself, but I know it is not optimized, and has no video. When can we schedule an appointment?
Thanks again.

Went to the Video Class #2, I saw the video being made, I saw the video get posted, I will attest to the fact this is the real deal. A lot to get your arms around in one session, but if one looks at the forest vs. a tree it becomes very easy to see the “HUGE VALUE” in these classes. THANK YOU STEPHEN. Jim

I attended your class today on Video Marketing. You did an excellent job of presenting the content and made it easy to apply it to my Real Estate business and marketing plan. I know we’re not supposed refer to experience, however, I’ve been in sales and sales management with a Fortune 500 company for 38 years. Your class ranks as one of the top ones that I’ve taken.
Thank you.

Thanks for bringing the “everything you wanted to know about video and how to do it step by step” class to the real estate market – you are bleeding edge in your strategies and approach!! Thank you for rolling your sleeves up and helping us in our business!! Also – your stories and examples are VERY entertaining and keep us engaged – keep up the GREAT work!!

I just found out the video you made for Dan Mularkey in the Video II class, which featured a remodeled home in Scottsdale, went under contract the next day. Are you kidding me, what a great testimonial as to why using video “is the way to go”. Thank you for the time and instruction.

Stephen – Your class this week on How to use Video Part 2 was over-the-top fabulous, or as you would say: super Stoooopid! I have signed up for your Part 1 class at the end of the month and then on to Part 3 and great video content. Thank you for creating entertaining classes that show us how to effectively market in today’s reality!


Thank you for your video class series. Your approach is a distinct step out of the traditional marketing systems, most of which seem to be well past their prime. Bringing several major technologies together to move real estate marketing forward for local agents is much appreciated, it is also desperately needed. It helps move real estate out of the technological middle ages. With your guidance I look forward to the reformation and renaissance of my business model.

Click here for a list of our Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes, If you see a class that interests you, head on over to the class schedule for locations, dates and times.

We hope to see you at our next HOW TO real estate marketing class!

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