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Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Class Schedule


Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes

Begin With The End In Mind

I am committed to helping our clients grow their real estate business. Consumer behavior has changed, more and more  buyers and sellers are finding their next home, lender, loan and yes – REALTOR®, not in their mailbox or grocery cart, but on the Internet. Look at your own behavior. Where do you go when you need to gather information OR solve a problem?

Shall we?

Below is a schedule of Phoenix real estate marketing classes I teach throughout the Phoenix Metro area. My real estate marketing classes are not WHY TO – they are HOW TO. Want to know HOW TO use {self hosted} WordPress? There are classes on that. HOW TO incorporate video into your real estate business? There is a series on that. HOW TO make videos using screencast software to educate, inform and convey your value? HOW TO drive traffic to your website? HOW TO get found online by your ideal client? Yep, there are classes on all of those as well. See the class list and description for more information. We are committed to helping you grow your real estate business, if there is a class not on our list that you think should be – tell me. We can’t succeed unless you do.

A few notes. Because these classes focus on the Internet – you will need a laptop or iPad. You will also need a website. It will be very hard for you to get found online without being online – yourself. Not just any old website but a mobile friendly, video friendly website, designed to get found online, that you can easily update and modify – yourself. I recommend WordPress {This website is WordPress}. I offer significant discounts on self hosted WordPress real estate websites to our clients, through iFoundAgent. I hope to see you in our Phoenix real estate marketing classes soon.

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