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How To Download Videos from YouTube {Tutorial}

YouTube Video Download

If you are a real estate professional, REALTORĀ®, Loan Officer etc and you have been to our real estate marketing classes or met with our tech team, you know how important video is in your real estate business. Consumers prefer video. You prefer video. Video is not the future, it is the here and now. Real estate video has many benefits: Real estate video can help a real estate buyer mentally move in to a property, real estate video can help you get found online, real estate … [Read more...]

YOUTUBE ONE CHANNEL: Benefits Of ONE CHANNEL For Real Estate Agents

real estate video

You will be using video in your real estate business or you will be irrelevant. Yep, I said it. I've said it over and over again. You will be using video in your real estate business NOT because it's SEXY or COOL but because the CONSUMER is DEMANDING It. Video says so much more than text or images ever could. Among other things, video is emotional, FAST, Purple Cow and video gets FOUND online. Over 50% of my leads come from my real estate videos. There are many benefits of … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate: Should My YouTube Videos Be On One YouTube Channel?

One Channel Or Multiple Channels?

Video is the future. Not just of the real estate business but all business. Video simply says so uch more than text or pictures ever could. If you were looking for information about a product, would you prefer to see pictures or even read a length article or a video? Depending on how interested you were in the product you would likely select the video. Video is especially important in the real estate space, as consumers are visual. The real estate process, both buying and … [Read more...]

Arizona Homebuyers Turning To YouTube To Shop For Homes

real estate video

Whether you are trying to make a recipe, change the spark plugs on a 1957 Chevy, learn how to use a software program, watch a music video or almost anything else - you can most likely find HOW TO do it on YouTube. Now you can find something else on YouTube, something Arizona homebuyers are looking for - homes for sale. Take a look at the most recent YouTube statistics: YouTube has over 800 million unique users each month. YouTube has over 3 billion hours of video … [Read more...]

YouTube Secrets: YouTube Embed Codes. Autoplay, No Branding, Hide Controls and more

YouTube Embed

If you are going to be using video in your real estate business, and you will be by the way, you will need somewhere to host them. YouTube is {in my opinion} the best video hosting environment for me and for you. With over 55% marketshare among all other video hosting sites combined {Vimeo, Viddler, Daily Motion etc} YouTube is the largest. It is the 2nd largest search engine in the world {behind Google} and it's FREE. By now, {if you are one of our clients} You already … [Read more...]

HOW To Upload Video To Your YouTube Channel

Upload Video WordPress

You have shot your real estate video. Pulled it into your editing software (iMovie, Final Cut, SONY Vegas, Windows Live Movie Maker, Camtasia, Screenflow etc) and worked your magic. This baby looks good. Titles and transitions, visual calls to action, name and contact info spelled out etc. Now what? Now it's time to upload your video to your YouTube channel so you can share it with the world. In the short video below Ben Ashley, Director of Digital Strategy for Grand … [Read more...]

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Set Up YouTube Channel

Are you ready? If you are reading this post, it was either sent to you by me or another Grand Canyon Title representative. Which ever it is - you will be using video in your real estate business. You will be using video in your real estate business not because it is cool or sexy, no - you will be using video in your real estate business because the CONSUMER is demanding it. Nothing, no form of media can convey information like video. Not radio. Not pictures. Not text. … [Read more...]

NEW YouTube Features Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business

New YouTube Features 2012

YouTube. My best friend. Why you ask? Well, YouTube would be your best friend as well if 50% of all you leads came from it - right? While many real estate agents waste their time with social media (and I mean that - way to many real estate agents waste their time) using social media {facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc} the wrong way, I am creating videos of value for my ideal client - YOU - to help you find me online when you have a need. If you have been to our Phoenix real … [Read more...]

Protected: Real Estate Video. How To Change Your YouTube Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Video. How To Change Your YouTube Video Thumbnail - My Title Guy

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

How To STOP Recommended Videos From Appearing On Your YouTube Real Estate Videos

Video thumbnail for youtube video How To STOP Recommended Videos From Appearing On Your YouTube Real Estate Videos - My Title Guy

Imagine for a moment you are a consumer. Lets say you are a homeowner and you live in Phoenix. Got it? OK. You are underwater on your Phoenix home to the tune of - oh, lets say. . . .$80,000, no that's not enough, let's say $100,000, yeah - $100,000. You have watched your neighborhood be absolutely destroyed by foreclosures. The Johnson's, gone. The Smith's - them too. Many of the people that lived in your Phoenix area subdivision are gone - they lost their Phoenix homes … [Read more...]