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Real Estate Internet Marketing

Real estate marketing tips Phoenix AZ

  Thursday. Not just any day. I am sitting here in Scottsdale, Arizona at Lawyers Title Insurance Company with  8 of the most forward thinking REALTORS in the Phoenix Market. My name is Stephen Garner, I co-founded PRO-Found Marketing. I spent 10 years in the title industry, now I help professionals get "found" online. The REALTORS are here to learn about the merits of Inbound Marketing and how it will effect their business now and in the future. Inbound … [Read more...]

I’m back with another secret for your real estate business-WordPress

I'm back with another secret. You know the rules, Don't tell anyone! This is between you and I ONLY. If I hear the information I am about to give/show you from ANYONE, I'm going to know it was YOU! By the way, you already proved my point-thank you. We will discuss that later in this post.  I am a marketing representative for a national title insurance company in Phoenix, Arizona-I help real estate professionals "get found" on the Internet, where more and more consumers … [Read more...]

Finally-A Low Cost WordPress Web Solution For Real Estate Professionals

If you are are an Arizona Realtor of Loan Officer and are one of my clients, you know how I feel about the internet and all it has to offer for your real estate or lending business.  You have heard all the statistics (most likely because I have drilled them into your memory) that 90% of buyers start their home search on the internet, 96% of 1st time home buyers start their home search on the internet, Facebook is now the #1 destination on the internet, 80% of buyers will go … [Read more...]