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How To Embed A YouTube Video In Your WordPress Real Estate Website

How To Embed Video In WordPress

So, you have made a video or I made it for you, what's next? If you have been to our real estate marketing classes your workflow may look like this... Create Video --> Edit Video --> Upload Video To YouTube --> Optimize Video --> Annotate Video -->. Then what? Upload to your WordPress real estate website right?! If you have been to our HUB Marketing class you know that your WordPress real estate website is your HUB, your place on the Internet. Your HUB is a place where … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing: 8 Ways To Get Found Online

get found online

In my last post we discussed 8 Ways Not To Get Found Online. They included: not having a real estate website, the wrong real estate website, not updating your real estate website, no content, broad keywords and duplicate content. In this post I would like to discuss HOW TO remedy them. 8 Ways To Get Found Online - Organically 1}¬†Get a website. Not just any website but WordPress {self hosted}. Just like all content is not created the same, neither are real estate websites. … [Read more...]

Duplicate: Good For Quality Bad For Content

Duplicate Content Real Estate

So I am minding my own business watching the Disney channel - my 8 year old is watching So Random - {hurl}. So since I had some extra time, [I am not a fan of So Random], I figure I will entertain myself. What better way to do this than with my adult pacifier - the iPhone. I check my email, text messages and since this show is still on, I move to Linkedin. I chose Linkedin because the updates tend to offermore value than Facebook with the "my hubby is the best!" As I am … [Read more...]

Single Property Websites – Do They Work?

Single Property Real Estate Websites

It's a question I get quite a lot from real estate professionals not just in Phoenix but around the country. Do single property sites work? The short answer is YES. Everything works [in some way] online, if you are doing the right things in the right way targeting the right consumers with unique, dynamic, engaging and valuable content. Single property sites work IF you are trying to target potential home buyers driving a geographic area. They can simply pull up to the … [Read more...]

WordPress For Real Estate

WordPress for real estate

That's it! You have had it. You're a real estate agent and you are sick and tired of hearing, not that you need a website, but that you need a WordPress website for real estate. You have heard the benefits of WordPress real estate websites - ya know, that Google loves WordPress, and that you will OWN it, that there are thousands of plugins and themes, that it's open source and a great CMS, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with social media. You also know you are not … [Read more...]