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Viral Video | Why It Ain’t Worth Much In Real Estate Marketing

Video thumbnail for youtube video Viral Video | Why It Ain't Worth Much In Real Estate Marketing - My Title Guy

So, I'm at home editing a cinematic HD real estate tour for a client when I get an email forwarded from another client. It's a video marketing class being taught here in Phoenix, Arizona; of course I have to check it out. Real estate video marketing is to today what "REO" was in 2007, "Short Sale" was in 2009 and "Green" was a few years ago - EVERYONE wants to talk about real estate video marketing so vendors (title, mortgage, appraiser, home warranty, real estate … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: Do lifestyle videos sell homes?

Do Lifestyle Videos Sell Homes?

Do lifestyle videos sell homes? I had a loan officer contact me over the weekend asking of I was making lifestyle videos, pointing me towards a WSJ article and video which seems to indicate they are all the rage or will soon be. The article goes on to list specific brokers in high end areas like SoCal and NY that are making lifestyle videos to hopefully give their multi million dollar listings an edge, even pointing to a sale in Nashville of a $1.7 mansion the buyer, who … [Read more...]


real estate marketing video

Vanilla is boring. I've said it before I will say it again and again. NO ONE goes out of their way for Vanilla. Yet, vanilla is everywhere. I'm not talking about ice cream, I'm talking about boring, bland, invisible. Most real estate agents are invisible. Not that they are "secret agents" as some call them, no, they are far from it - they are invisible because they say what most other agents say. They do what most other agents do. They hide in plain sight. When I … [Read more...]

Who Else Wants More LISTINGS?

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What is going on in Phoenix? Hey, I've been in title for a LOOOONG time and I have never seen so many real estate markets in such a short period of time. Remember these? 2005-2006 Housing Boom 2006-2008 Housing BUST 2008-2012 Short Sale & REO Market 2012 - ? SELLERS Market It's the current sellers market I want to talk about in this post. If you have been in real estate for any length of time you have likely heard the real estate motto "LIST TO LAST". … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: The Road To Get There

real estate video bloopers

When I talk to real estate agents about using video in their real estate business many of them freeze up "video, me! Nooooo". Some give me excuses - "I will" or "I want to lose 10 lbs first" or for the ladies "Stephen...look at my hair!". I get it, I went through it too which is how I can easily recognize it - they are still caught up in the whole "what will other people think" stage; they simply don't know how to get out of their own way. I teach real estate marketing … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: Is Video Only For Luxury Real Estate?

real estate video marketing

I got a call the other day from a real estate agent in Minnesota. He, like other real estate agents around the country, contacted me after seeing one of my real estate videos online, through Google or YouTube. He had heard a lot about using video in real estate, did a Google search about real estate video marketing and found this website. He told me he clicked through from Google to an article about using video in real estate. About how important using video is in real … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate: 14 Ways NOT To Make A Housing Market Update Video

housing market update video

Oh My GAWD. ANOTHER real estate video on YouTube. Let me rephrase that... another HORRIBLE real estate video on YouTube. This time it wasn't a SHAKEY property video. It wasn't a real estate video with BAD audio. It wasn't even a real estate video of a real estate agent talking about how AWESOME he or she thinks they are. Nope. This real estate video was about the Phoenix housing market, a housing market update video. The real estate agent had the best intentions and yet it … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: Developing A Video Plan

video for real estate agents

So you are going to start using video in your real estate business. Great! Do you have a plan? Specifically, do you have a real estate video plan? Real Estate Video isn't like "field of dreams" ya know, just because you build it does NOT mean they will come. Which means you need a real estate video plan. A real estate video plan will save you a lot of time and money and it will actually make you more money because you won't be making crappy real estate videos like those … [Read more...]

How NOT To Make A Real Estate Website Introduction Video

Tech Summit

Imagine for a moment you are a consumer looking for a car to buy. And like the majority of consumers that start their search on the Internet you head to a search engine, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube. You ask Google a question: 2012 Lexus GS300 price. Google gives you 756,000 results. So, like most people you click on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd result. Why look to the 4th or even go to the 2nd page if what you really want is the price of the car right? Any website should be able … [Read more...]

Real Estate Photography. Real Estate Videography

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Photography. Real Estate Videography - My Title Guy

The other day I was cruising the internet {big shock right} looking for the culprit. Normally I would have to look high and low to find the guilty party, at least I would in any other industry - but in the real estate industry I can easily find them. The culprit is horrible real estate photos or real estate videos and folks - they are EVERYWHERE. It amazes me how bad some of the real estate photos and videos really are. Not because they were taken at the wrong exposure … [Read more...]