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Do Your Real Estate Videos Have To Be Perfect?

video for real estate

I was talking to a real estate agent the other day in Texas, he - like most real estate agents found me online. He was looking for information about real estate videos and as luck would have it, came across one of my videos on this website. He called me yesterday and said he found me online 60 days ago. I asked, "why are you calling me now if you found me 60 days ago?" He said - and this is awesome by the way... I was watching the rest of your videos! HE Found Me We … [Read more...]

Why “Viral” Video Won’t Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business

What Is Viral Video

Video. I love video. It has changed my business. It has shortened my sales cycle. It has allowed my ideal client to get to know me long before they even meet me. It has set me apart from my competitors and it has given me a specific and Unique Selling Proposition others can not easily duplicate. REALTORS can use video for subdivision marketing, website introduction video, highlight their listings and much much more. Video is awesome. As the Director of Sales Technology … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: DSLR Basics

Real Estate Video DSLR Basics

If you are a real estate agent or REALTOR serious about real estate video marketing you may want to consider buying a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera or DSLR for short. A DSLR is a digital camera with a digital image sensor that shoots HD video. DSLR's have a wide variety of expandable camera lenses. If you are a regular visitor to you know that I've spent hundreds of dollars on camera equipment I did not necessarily need. This is the price of being an … [Read more...]

Using Video In Real Estate – How To Use Video

Ways To Use Video Real Estate

Are you using video in real estate? You will be. In fact - if you know me you know already that I say it like it is. At least how I see it anyway. Ready? You will be using video in your real estate business or you will be out of it. The real estate business that is. Yep - I said it. There are many ways you can use video in your real estate business - to communicate, convey value, build trust ad rapport and get found online. I've listed a few of them below. Video For … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: YouTube Ranking Factors

real estate video

Sometimes it seems like not a day goes by without a real estate agent asking me about YouTube Ranking Factors as it relates to real estate video. Well, they don't exactly say "what are YouTube's ranking factors?", they want to know how to get a real estate video on the 1st page of Google, YouTube and/or YouTube's Related Search. In our Phoenix real estate marketing classes, we show them exactly how to do it. I find that real estate agents really respond well to our real … [Read more...]

Get Your Real Estate Listings At The Top Of Google {How To}

Video thumbnail for youtube video Get Your Real Estate Listings At The Top Of Google {How To} - My Title Guy

If you have been in real estate sales for any period of time you are familiar with 3rd party aggregrators like Zillow, Trulia and Sure they provide some valuable training as well as a platform to advertise your real estate business but at the same time - they cost you business.┬áHere is what I mean The Double Edged Sword Any real estate agent that has ever taken a new real estate listing, imported it into their local MLS and then Google'd it knows that the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Examples. Real Estate Video Statistics

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Video Examples. Real Estate Video Statistics - My Title Guy

As the Director of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title in Phoenix, my job is to help Phoenix real estate professionals leverage technologies to grow their real estate business. While the "staples" of the real estate industry are not going away: postcards, flyers, magnets, calendars, personal notes, branded pens and pads, bill boards, print real estate books, cold calls, SPAM emails etc. technology has made them less effective while making them, in many cases, cost … [Read more...]

“The Spider and the Fly” Amazing! But Does It Miss The Mark?

The Spider and the Fly

I saw a real estate video for a mansion in Malibu, California yesterday. It was AMAZING. The coloring - perfect. Camera work - perfect. Editing, lighting, audio, music, placement, actors - perfect. I saw the perfect video, yet - did it miss the mark? huh? I can hear you already, "Stephen, are you stupid? Crazy?... how can a video that you yourself said was PERFECT miss the mark?" Let me explain.... The video, titled "The Spider and the Fly" a 3:46 MASTERPIECE, is … [Read more...]

Using Video In Real Estate? Tell The Story

video for real estate

Remember when you were a little kid? Remember when your mom or dad would tuck you in "snug as a bug in a rug"? I do. What happened next? A bedtime story. I loved bedtime stories. Whether it was my mom reading or my dad - I didn't care. The story is what I loved. Closing my eyes and imagining what it would be like to be that superhero, bear, little boy - whatever! Stories are awesome. We identify with stories. You know what else stories are great for? Marketing. Specifically … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video: Which Lens Is Right For You?

real estate lens

So you have decided to use real estate video in your real estate marketing, congratulations. I believe there are two types of real estate agents. 1} Those already using video in their real estate marketing and 2} those that will be. As I have said many times before, Real estate agents will be using video in their real estate business not because it's cool or sexy {it is by the way} but because your ideal client - the consumer, is demanding it. The latest figures I have … [Read more...]