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Aerial Real Estate Video | Let The Arms Race Begin

Bank One Ballpark

The arms race has begun. When I say "arms race" I am referring to aerial video. I remember when I first saw an aerial video. I KNEW it was a game changer, more for me than most. It meant more for me as I had been using video in my business since 2008, I already had the cameras, lenses, jibs, cranes, software, c-stands, diffusers - you get the idea. I already owned everything that was needed to do real estate video - well. I say "do real estate video well" specifically … [Read more...]

Real Estate Aerial Video. Is Aerial Video ILLEGAL?

aerial video real estate

"IT'S ILLEGAL! I saw it on the news the other day" Said a real estate agent. She was referring to real estate aerial video. Where did she hear this? From a VERY reliable source - a competing title rep. "What Stephen does is ILLEGAL!" she said. Or so they say. Hey, they've said worse, no really - they have. Trust me. OK, so by now you know me. Stephen Garner AKA MyTitleGuy. The bad guy. The guy that is forcing competing title reps to learn more about technologies that real … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Marketing | How To Become The Area Real Estate Expert

Subdivision real estate video

Consider this. You are in the market for a new home. Like over 90% of consumers you start your search online. You quickly realize - you will need some help. You have narrowed down your search to subdivisions or communities that are in your child's school district and in close proximity to your job. You are not familiar with all the neighborhoods at this point so working with a real estate agent or REALTOR® makes perfect sense. Given the scenario above, would you prefer … [Read more...]

Video Marketing In Real Estate: Message Over Medium

It seems everywhere you look you will find real estate video. On your mobile phone, iPad, Kindle and of course your computer. Real estate video is everywhere. And it should be Video Changed My Business I've been using video in my real estate business since 2008. To say it has changed my title business would be an understatement. I went from no distinguishable difference between me and the other 600+ title reps in the valley, to a clear value proposition - real estate … [Read more...]

Aerial Videography Phoenix. Taking Your Real Estate Marketing To New Heights – Literally

Video thumbnail for youtube video Aerial Videography Phoenix. Taking Your Real Estate Marketing To New Heights - Literally - My Title Guy

As a listing real estate agent you are always looking for better and more cost effective ways to market your real estate listings. It's all about the marketing - getting your sellers home in front of the most people in the most effective mediums. Because the Multiple Listing Service or MLS is simply not enough and offers no significant differentiator (every agent has access to MLS), real estate agents looking for an edge on their competition upped the stakes by adding in … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Tours: Should You Make A Video For Every Listing?

Video real estate

You would have to be living under a rock not to of heard the word "video" 10,000 times this year. EVERYONE is talking about real estate video marketing. I have to admit, I am one of the biggest if not the biggest offender. I even have my own course to help real estate agents use video in their real estate business. Video changed my business. I went from being a commodity, to unique. For all the times I have told real estate agents "the consumer believes you are a … [Read more...]

Video For Real Estate: 6 Ways To Prevent “Blown Out” Windows In Real Estate Video

blown out windows

Real estate agents across the country are starting to realize they will need to incorporate video into their real estate business to remain relevant. The reason is simple: consumers are demanding video. Video says so much more than text or even the traditional medium of real estate  - images - could ever say. Through video a consumer can really get the "feel" of a home, lifestyle or location. Video adds context that would otherwise not be possible. There are literally … [Read more...]

HOW NOT To Use Green Screen In Real Estate

real estate video

With YouTube and CISCO proclaiming "90% of all web traffic will be video by 2014" real estate agents better get with it - video - or run the risk of bring irrelevant. After all, what does it matter how great of a real estate agent you are if NO ONE knows you exist? One of the easiest ways to get found online, one of best ways to convey information or even build an emotional bond is with real estate video. There are all kinds of real estate video, lets see... there are … [Read more...]

How NOT To Use Video In Your Real Estate Business. Oh Snap!


It's Wednesday. Took the family out for dinner. Thai. No more work for today, or so I thought. My wife has been riding me lately... "Stephen, why do you work so much and Stephen can't you not work on the weekends?" After some discussion we came to an agreement: work stops at 5:00. I can work all I want from 8 to 5 but when 5:00 comes it's done. Family time. I'm good with that. What good is work if you don't have a family to work for right? I always tell real estate … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Marketing: 7 Real Estate Video Marketing Mistakes

real estate video

There are 2 kinds of real estate agents: those using video in their real estate business and those that will be - soon!. For those of you nodding your head saying "I'm not using video in my real estate business!" I'm talking to you when I say - Yes you are or you will find yourself irrelevant and ultimately invisible. There are many benefits of using video in real estate. Can you imagine working with a buyer or seller that didn't have email? While you may try and find … [Read more...]