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Why Many Real Estate Agents Fail At Personal Branding

real estate branding

It's a joke. A BIG FAT Giant JOKE. A joke that someone forgot to tell most real estate agents about. I'm talking about personal real estate branding, the way many real estate agents try and brand themselves and why most ultimately FAIL. Changing Markets I've been in title for 12 years. I tell you this not to pat my self on the back but to show you I have weathered some storms. By "storms" I mean real estate markets. Let's see... there was the traditional market, where … [Read more...]

How Did You Learn This Stuff? The development of a strong USP

Unique Selling Proposition

"How did you learn this stuff?" he said. He is Blair Ballin, a REALTOR®  in Phoenix. I was shooting a video of his luxury listing in Phoenix. "Huh?" I asked. ""How did you learn this stuff - the video and WordPress and camera equipment, you know - that stuff. How did you learn about it?" he asked again. I explained. The development of a strong USP I have been in title for 11 years. I have always been a sales guy. I know people. I know the best sales people ask more … [Read more...]

How To Use Real Estate Flyers For Leads

real estate fliers

How To Use Real Estate Flyers To Get More Leads   How would you like to design a real estate flyer, print it, distribute it and have it work? When I say "work" I mean, get a lead?   It would be Awesome!  User Error But why don't real estate flyers work the way they "used" to? Could it me that it's not the flyer's fault but instead the problem lies with the user? I call it user error. In many cases it is not the marketing vehicle that is to … [Read more...]

Phoenix REO Real Estate Agents Could Have Tough Road Ahead

Phoenix REO Real Estate Agents

My how things change. They say what goes up must come down.  If this statement is true for any industry it's real estate. It is called a real estate market for a reason. Markets are living, breathing things - susceptible to outside pressures: local, state and federal government, banks, consumer perception, I could go on and on. Let's look at the recent markets in Phoenix. In 2004 there was the refi market, 2005 was the investor market, 2006 thru 2012 were the REO market … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Skype In Real Estate

Benefits Of Skype In Real Estate

The other day I was talking to an Arizona REALTOR® about technology. In my new capacity as the Director Of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title, I deal a lot with technology. Not just technology but sales technology - technology tools that can be used for the benefit of real estate sales. There are a lot of them. Let's see, there is WordPress, HootSuite, YouTube, GetFoundIDX, Camtasia, ScreenFlow, Jing, Twitter, Linkedin, Evernote, final cut X and on and on and on. In … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Isn’t About NUMBERS It’s All About “KIND”

Online Real Estate Marketing

How many friends do you have on Facebook? Fans on your fan page? Followers on Twitter? Connections on Linkedin? What's your Klout score? Huh? The other day I was teaching a class to real estate agents about getting found online. Wordpress, content, back links, ideal client, engagement, video, the role of social media etc when a real estate agent asked me a question I have never been asked before "what is your Klout score?" he said. If you have never heard of Klout allow me … [Read more...]

Real Estate Sales: It Isn’t For Everyone – and it shows

real estate agent marketing ideas

Real Estate Agents: Have you ever met or dealt with another real estate agent and thought: "OH MY GAWD, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE A REAL ESTATE AGENT?" Do You Think Some Consumers Think The Same Thing? But I Digress I played football and hockey in high school in upstate New York, judging from the fact that I did not receive a college scholarship or play PRO, I think you can say I was average. Playing PRO sports is not for everyone. It takes a lot of training, time and … [Read more...]

QR Code Marketing: But My Title Rep Said. . .

QR Codes Real Estate

Modeling. In the real estate space real estate agents are encouraged to model. See something that works? Don't reinvent the wheel - model it! Modeling is common in our country, if you see a successful product, service or idea you can bet there is another company that will copy, excuse me - "model" it. Look at Groupon and Daily Deals, Deal Chicken, Living Social and so on. A Good idea spawns a lot of copycats. Real Estate Marketing is no different. But before you "model" … [Read more...]

A Great Way NOT To Grow Your Real Estate Business


Internet marketing real estate is here to stay. If you are a real estate professional it is your new reality. There is no going back. There is a right way and a wrong way to get found online. Let's talk about How Not To Grow Your Real Estate Business. Imagine for a moment you are in the market for a new car. Since we are imagining, let's say it's a LEXUS GS300. Seems like everywhere you go you see it,  On your way to work. On your way home. At the grocery store. At the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing – YOU MUST Think Like The Consumer

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Do you know what a reticular activator is? I am a former title rep for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona. I spent 10 years helping real estate agent grow their business. A reticular activator is a part of our brain that is always on alert. The job of the reticular activator is to make us notice some things and ignore others. Example. When my wife was pregnant, I noticed pregnant women everywhere. On TV, in restaurants, at stop lights, everywhere - I even … [Read more...]