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Working With A Web Development Company – Please Don’t Do These

Web Development Companies

Are you considering hiring a web development company to help you with
 getting your real estate or title company website built or ranked? If so, you'll want to pay close attention to
 the following suggestions to make working with a web development company as
 enjoyable and successful as possible. Chances are you are hiring the same company to design or redesign your real estate or title company 
website and then you are going to work with them to market your website. If
 … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent Websites: Why Some Succeed and Some Fail – Miserably

real estate agent websites

Why do some real estate agent websites succeed and some fail - miserably? This is something I have thought long and hard about. 2012 marks my 11th year in the title industry. As a title rep, It was my job to help real estate professionals - real estate agents and loan officers grow their business. Years ago my initial consultation with a real estate agent would focus on postcards, flyers, labels, call capture, data lists, geographic farms, databases and of course … [Read more...]

Business Cards – Put A Fork In Em, They’re Done

    Do you have a business card? I remember when I got my first box of business cards. {start dream sequence}... I has right out of college, working at a new car dealer. "Stephen to the sales managers office" the loud speaker said. "What did I do?" I thought. I walked over to the sales managers office with a look of confusion - "what does he want with me?" I entered his office. "Sit down" he said. "Oh, crap" I thought. He reached into his desk drawer and smiled as … [Read more...]

Real Estate Websites – Looks vs Function

I'm on the hunt for the illusive (corrected by my editor) elusive real estate agent website........... Another day, another meeting with a real estate agent here in Phoenix. I am a former business development manager for a national title insurance company. I spent 10 years in the title industry helping real estate professionals-real estate agents and loan officers grow their business. My former life as a title rep has given me a unique perspective of the challenges real … [Read more...]