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Real Estate Videos For Marketing: Another Way To Tell A Story

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Real estate videos for marketing are not the future. They are the present. I meet people all the time that ask me "were you scared when you first got in front of the camera?" I take a step back, look at them square in the eye and say - OF COURSE! For some reason we (humans) think we came out of the box with a set skill, but never really think what it took to perfect it. Look at Lebron James. Lebron makes playing basketball look easy, so much so that sometimes I think I can … [Read more...]

Real Estate Videos You Don’t Have To Be In: Google Search Stories

YouTube Search Stories

Today I am starting another series called "Real Estate Videos You Don't Have To Be In". This series will focus on - well, videos you don't have to be in. I love real estate marketing with video. I think it says so much more than traditional real estate mediums [email, print, postcards, flyers, pens pads, shopping carts, billboards etc] ever could. There are many benefits of real estate marketing with video. Still, many REALTORS┬« I speak with are [for whatever reason] … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Videos – You Don’t Have To Be In

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Marketing Videos - You Don't Have To Be In - My Title Guy

Yep thats right, the title of this post is correct. With everyone talking about real estate marketing videos it may come as a surprise to you that you DO NOT have to be in a real estate marketing video if you don't want to.┬áIt's OK, breath.... in... Better now? OK, yes I am serious, you can make real estate marketing videos that are informative, educational, valuable that drive traffic to your website and YOU don't even have to be in them - at all. One of … [Read more...]