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How To Market A Real Estate Agent

How To Market A Real Estate Agent

How To Market A Real Estate Agent. It seems like I am asked this question every single day. Well today I am going to tell you exactly how to market a real estate agent, or at least the way I would do it if I was a real estate agent. Now, let me start by telling you I am NOT a real estate agent. You may be thinking, "How would you know how to market a real estate agent if you are not a real estate agent?" Which would be a logical question right? Well, it's the fact that I … [Read more...]

Real Estate Listing Strategy: How I Got My FIRST Listing!

My First Listing

I went on my FIRST listing appointment. Now before you think or say "sooooo?" Consider this... I am not a estate agent. I am not a REALTOR®. Nope. I am a business development manager for a title company. If this story is new to you, you may want to check out the original post Real Estate Listing Strategy: My First Listing Appointment. So as the title of this post reveals, I got the listing, actually my client did. And it was everything I thought it would be. In fact, it … [Read more...]

Real Estate Listing Strategy: My First Listing Appointment

real estate marketing

I'm going on a listing appointment! I know what you are thinking "why is Stephen, a title guy, going on a listing appointment?" Which would be a logical question, now let me give you an obvious answer, one I wish I had thought of long ago! It all started with a meeting with a REALTOR®. He called me Tuesday and asked to meet , he said it was urgent. We - the REALTOR®, his assistant and I, met at 10:00 Wednesday morning. He said "I'm competing for a multi-million dollar … [Read more...]

HDR Photography In Real Estate: How Much Is TOO Much?


Have you ever met someone that had "too much" work done"? Yes - I am talking about plastic surgery. Well, have you? Remember walking away thinking "OMG that is waaaaay too much?" Plastic surgery is one of the areas where some is complimentary but too much is clownish. I find the same is true with real estate photography. The other day I was editing a real estate video for a client, a real estate agent. I asked, as is customary, if he had any additional photos he would like … [Read more...]

A New Tool To Help You Build Your Real Estate Business – iFoundAgent

WordPress Real Estate Websites

If you are a real estate agent here in Phoenix that has been to our (Grand Canyon Title) real estate marketing classes or a real estate professional around the country that has visited this website or watched any of my real estate marketing videos, you have heard me reference something called a "HUB". You are on my HUB - my website. My HUB is where I create content for my ideal client - YOU - to find. I create articles and downloadable PDF's here and I embed my videos … [Read more...]

Real Estate Business Plan. 2013 Business Goals

real estate business goals

It's November 2012. If you are a real estate agent in Phoenix you are likely already getting the calls, blast emails, postcards, flyers and other solicitations. They are from your real estate broker, competing real estate brokers, team leader, title companies, mortgage companies or other vendors. What do they want? To help you with your real estate business plan and 2013 real estate business goals. They know. They know the holidays is a great time for some real estate … [Read more...]

Bye Bye Twinkie: What Real Estate Agents Can Learn From Twinkie


Seems like everywhere I've looked over the last week I heard about Hostess, the makers of the iconic Twinkie, filing for bankruptcy. Growing up in Upstate New York, I remember Twinkles fondly from my youth. Walking to the corner store, lawn mowing or snow shoveling money in hand, with my best friend Benny and coming back with Now and Laters and yes, Twinkies. Twinkies were ingrained in the American lexicon. There was even a defense based upon it {Google it}.  Notice I said … [Read more...]

Marketing Is DEAD! – Especially In Real Estate

Marketing Is Dead

I was reading an article the other day, titled "Marketing Is Dead". It wasn't emailed to me, it wasn't in a newsletter, door hanger, postcard or flyer in fact - it wasn't even in print. I found it - on Twitter. At first when I saw the title I chuckled to myself and thought "OK, what idiot said that!? Of COURSE marketing is not dead!" . After all, I am in marketing - and if you are in real estate sales - you are as well. I started reading the article just waiting to poke … [Read more...]

The Evolution Of “MyTitleGuy” – Radio Interview With The Golf Realty Network

Video For Real Estate

{MP4 Below}. They say "Necessity Is The Mother Of All Invention". This is the story of how MyTitleGuy was created and why. 4 years ago I had a problem. A career ending problem. I went from being one of the top title reps at every title company I worked for in Phoenix to nothing. Almost over night. The reason... The housing bubble had burst. 80% of the deals in Phoenix were distressed - REO or Short Sale. I went from a healthy book of business, real estate agents that … [Read more...]

Do You Own Your Real Estate Business? You Could Be Making A HUGE Mistake

Video thumbnail for youtube video Do You Own Your Real Estate Business? You Could Be Making A HUGE Mistake - My Title Guy

Do you own it? Over the course of my 11 years in the title insurance industry in Phoenix I have seen so many real estate agents making a HUGE mistake when it comes to their real estate business. They come to the real estate marketing classes we teach on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, SEO/SEM, Video and when I say "You need to OWN IT!" there is always an agent that raises their hand and says "I learned that the hard way".  Some of them are still trying … [Read more...]