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Why Do Real Estate Agents Have A Bad Reputation?


Thursday. I'm sitting at home putting the final touches on a HUB Marketing class I am teaching today in Mesa Arizona. I have facebook open. On the right there is movement. The newsfeed is alive. "I love my kids!" "Can't wait to see you later!" This person and that person are now friends, so and so likes so and so's link and on and on and on. As I am adding statistics regarding consumer behavior around the Internet, an update catches my eye. Not sure why it did - there was … [Read more...]

Do You Really Know Who You Are Recommending? The RISK Of A Bad Referral

real estate referrals

Do you really know who you are recommending? I don't refer or recommend service providers anymore. At least not the way I used to. I used to be a referral MACHINE! You needed a good home warranty company - call X. You needed a good landscaper - call Y. You need a good loan officer, baby sitter, pool guy - call Z. That was before. It all changed for me a few years ago. Never one to shy away from controversy I want to talk about referring or recommending service … [Read more...]

REALTORS: Why The Articles You’re Sharing Are Hurting You

Real Estate Marketing

Thursday night. I'm home. Relaxing. No video editing, no social media, no wife, she went out with her friends - you GO girl! It was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing night at home with the kids. Notice I said "supposed to". That all changed with a message from a client on Linkedin. In the realm of social media, Linkedin is kind of the red headed step-child, at least it is in the real estate space. It seems like most REALTORS navigate more towards Facebook. Back to that … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Plans: Where Would you Go? What Would You Do?

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If you were looking for information about a product or service, where would you go and what would you do? I know this seems really broad but there is a method to my madness. I ask because I think real estate agents make real estate marketing harder than it needs to be. Most real estate marketing plans fail Here's what I mean To many real estate agents the real estate business is hard. Agents from across the valley come and meet with me and tell me about their expensive … [Read more...]

Real Estate Video Marketing: The Tale Of TWO Tapes

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In my capacity as the Director of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title Agency in Phoenix [boy that's a mouth full], my job, my responsibility is to help Phoenix real estate agents grow their business. There are many ways to do this but the tools I use involve the use of technology. I don't normally do: direct mail, print real estate ads, print real estate books, magnets, Phoenix Suns, Coyotes, AZ Diamondbacks, ASU, NAU, Cardinals sports schedules, branded coffee mugs, … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas. Make Your “BOX” Smaller

real estate marketing ideas

Make it smaller. I'm talking about your BOX of course. Your BOX is your marketing, your customers, your ideal client, your - real estate business. In the old days [5 - 6] years ago the "typical" real estate agents marketing plan was the old standbye "Spray and Pray". Send a ton of marketing messages in all directions using all mediums [email, print, billboards, door hangers, postcards] and HOPE for a lead. And ya know what - it worked. That was then and this is now. … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Real Estate Website

Real Estate Marketing Tips

You know - don't you? That your real estate business has changed? That consumer behavior has changed? That your real estate marketing needs to - change? If you have been in the real estate space since 2005, this may sound familiar: pick out a postcard [glossy or JUMBO], add photo shopped image of yourself [cut out that guy/girl you met at the beach - the one with the really good picture of you], add a tagline like "for all your real estate needs", add contact information: … [Read more...]

Real Estate Call To Action: Missing In Action

Real Estate Call To Action

Imagine for a moment you are a consumer. Let's say you are in the market for a new home, not necessarily NEW but, new to you. Maybe you live in an apartment, or are renting a home - you have heard on the news it's time to buy "prices are going up!", so what do you do? Well if you are like 94% of consumers [and I am betting you are] you will go to the internet, not just the Internet - Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Craigslist. You are looking for homes for sale in your area, … [Read more...]

Real Estate Resolutions: My 8 Year Old Did It – So Does Everyone Else

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Resolutions: My 8 Year Old Did It - So Does Everyone Else - My Title Guy

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, while I am on it - Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza,- happy - whatever it is you celebrate during this time of the year. If you are like me, you are finally beginning to recover from the calorie intoxication I subjected myself to on Christmas Eve and Day - I feel so slooooooooooooow. As I am apologizing to my body - because it is obviously pissed at me - I am already thinking about the new year. That means Real Estate Resolutions. Resolutions are … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing Tips: My Interview With Dan Sfera

Video thumbnail for youtube video Real Estate Marketing Tips: My Interview With Dan Sfera - My Title Guy

It started with a RT. In 2011 more and more of us are meeting, not in person but on Twitter. "RT@TheRealDanSfera [my article]". I thought, "cool, I wonder who this guy is". I had never heard of him, his name did not sound familiar, curiosity got the best of me. I opened Hootsuite for iPhone and clicked his Twitter handle. @TheRealDanSfera. He didn't look familiar. His profile said he is not a REALTOR®, Real estate Agent, Attorney, Title Company or Title Rep. He is … [Read more...]