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Real Estate Content. Content Ideas For Real Estate Marketing

real estate content

Remember the old days of real estate marketing? Ya know, the days when you didn't have to know or even understand technology to grow your real estate business? I do. This is my 11th year in the title industry here in Phoenix. I remember the days of real estate agents calling me and asking for flyers, postcards, labels or even a monthly contribution to their yellow pages ad - yes, I have been around for that long. Real estate agents used these methods of marketing to be "top … [Read more...]

How To Put On A Band Aid. Good VS Bad Real Estate Content

Real Estate Content Good vs Bad

If you clicked on the title "How To Put On A Band Aid" you must have been to before, you might even know that I am extremely sarcastic and rather bold. By "bold" I mean, I call it like I see it. Maybe that is why you clicked on such a boring, mundane, title "How To Put On A Band Aid".  Who doesn't know how to put on a band aid? To take it one step further - who is scouring the Internet - Google and or YouTube to learn how to put on a band aid? No One That's … [Read more...]

What Is Real Estate Content. How To Create It.

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Content. Content is everywhere. Content is on the TV you watch, the radio you listen to on your way to or from the office, on your iPod etc. Content is what you are reading right now. The Internet is powered by content. Your real estate business is powered by real estate content. One of the questions I get a lot from my clients and those Phoenix REALTORS® that attend my real estate marketing classes is What Is Real Estate Content and How Do I Create It? Real estate … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content. Creating Engaging Real Estate Content

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I love WordPress. WordPress has changed my title business in more ways than I can count. Let's see, uh - I get found online now, I have real estate agents around the country, title companies around the country, home buyers an sellers from around the country contact me. WordPress allows me to create real estate content easily and efficiently, without having to call someone who calls someone to make a change [for a fee]. I can easily create engaging real estate content, … [Read more...]

Real Estate Content: The Most Important Part Of Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Content

"Go ahead and create some real estate content. Then you can optimize your real estate content to get found online by your ideal client. Don't forget the call to action at the end and make sure it speaks to the value you provide or the problem you solve"   Real Estate Content If you have been creating real estate content for any period of time you already know: Content Is King. Let me rephrase that: GREAT Real Estate Content Is King. Real Estate Content is what consumers … [Read more...]