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Phoenix Housing Market. Why Now Is The Time To Sell Your Home In Phoenix

Phoenix Housing Market

Remember the days when the housing market in Phoenix was, lets just say - BAD? You know, everywhere you turned, the news, newspaper, your neighbors, it seemed like EVERYONE was talking about how BAD the housing market in Phoenix was? Well, things have changed. Today, in Phoenix, we are seeing multiple offers and LOW INVENTORY. This low inventory or lack of homes for sale creates a supply vs demand challenge. This challenge means it's a great time to sell your home in Phoenix. … [Read more...]

Why NOW Is A Great Time To Sell Your Phoenix Home

Housing Market In Phoenix

You have wanted to sell your Phoenix home, but it seems like EVERYONE told you to wait. They said things like "now not a good time to sell, prices are still too low, buyers can't get financing, foreclosures are dragging the Phoenix market down" and on and onĀ and on. Everyone it seems is an expert on the Phoenix housing market. Hello, I'm Stephen Garner with Grand Canyon Title Agency in Phoenix Arizona and if you like change - come to Phoenix. The housing market, once … [Read more...]

Shadow Inventory Phoenix. Is There Shadow Inventory In Phoenix?

Shadow Inventory Phoenix

Shadow Inventory. Depending on who you ask, it is real of a mirage. You can listen to the media, your next door neighbor, the lady at the grocery store, but does that really answer the question it seems like so many people real estate agents and analysts are talking about? Is there shadow inventory in Phoenix? Shadow Inventory as it relates to real estate is the belief that there are thousands of homes in the Phoenix metro area that banks are "getting ready" to release … [Read more...]

Housing Market In Phoenix: Why NOW Is The Time To Buy A Home

Housing Market In Phoenix

The housing market in Phoenix is on FIRE! Now. Wait. Now! Uh, you missed it again. ok, wait for it [1,2,3. . .] NOW is the right time to buy a home in Phoenix Arizona. If you have been looking to buy a home in Phoenix, you already know this: The housing market in Phoenix is HOT!. The days of taking your sweet time, dragging your real estate agent, excuse me, real estate agent{s) around the Phoenix metro area to see home after home only to "think about it" are over. Today … [Read more...]