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11 Ways To Protect Yourself From Contractor Scams

Whether it be an earthquake in California, a monsoon or Haboob in Arizona a Tornado in Iowa or a Hurricane in Bermuda, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont [Did I miss any states Irene?] You can bet on one thing. There will be scam artists that try to take advantage of desperate homeowners. Here are some ways to protect yourself from contractor scams. Ways To Protect Yourself from … [Read more...]

REALTORS-Think Before You Post-It Could Cost You Business.

You have seen the commercial, you know, the one where a high school age girl is walking around with her the movie theater, school, mall, everyone is staring at her-perfect strangers-then an obvious creep says "hey, when are you going to post something new?"  Don't remember the commercial? Here it is OK, so this only emphases the importance of being careful what you post online.  Kids obviously make mistakes, one of the reasons the commercial was made, it … [Read more...]

Raincamp Prescott, Arizona!

Do you want to grow your Real Estate business? What are you doing on Thursday August 26th 2010?  I know what I'm doing.  I will be in Prescott, Arizona for RainCamp with 400 of the most forward thinking Real Estate professionals from across the country.  Will you be one of them? You have heard it before, at least you have thought it "why don't my postcards or calenders get the response they once did?"  Well, there are many reasons but one of them is that there has … [Read more...]

Arizona REO Homes For Your Buyers with NO Investor Competition and FHA Approved

Remove The Competition Of REO Properties By Coming To The Realtor Rally and Home Buyer Auction Arizona REALTORS, are you sick and tired of driving your buyers from city to city, house to house, writing multiple offers (on the hood of your hot car of course) only to be outbid by a cash investor?  There has to be an easier way! Yes,  There Is. Come to the Realtor Rally on Tuesday 7/13/2010 to learn the process of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program or NSP.  These homes … [Read more...]

Wage Garnishment-up 121% in Arizona-Is Money Missing From Your Account

With all the attention the housing market is receiving, its easy to overlook other challenges occurring in Arizona.  Wage Garnishments-and Arizona leads the nation in them.  Money missing from your paycheck or commission?  Your paycheck may have been garnished and worse-you most likely have no clue that it has even occurred.  As reported by "The Today Show", this woman in Chandler, Arizona was behind a few hundred dollars in  credit card debt,-because of her job loss, the … [Read more...]

Short Sales Exposed-Insiders Tell All-Neil Thomson

I'm joined by 600 of my closest friends in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Scottsdale Center For The Performing Arts for Old Republic Title Agencies "Short Sales Exposed, Insiders Tell All.  Old Republic Title Agency has assembled  a who's who panel of industry experts/insiders for a discussion about short sales.  The panelists include Jim Sexton of John Hall and Associates, Neil Thomson of Thomson Conant Law Firm, Steve Chader of Keller Williams Integrity First, Duane Foutz of … [Read more...]

Phoenix area home rentals in high demand

Looking for a home to rent in the Phoenix Metro Area? Well, it looks like you better move fast. You would think that all the short sale and foreclosure activity would have put a damper on our housing market and you would be right-kind of. The rental market is booming. And it makes perfect sense. There are thousands of people that are losing their homes to foreclosure and short sale, all these people need a place to call home. Add to that the thousands (and growing) of … [Read more...]

Short Sales Exposed-Insiders Tell All

What if? What if a forward thinking company sponsored a short sale event.  A short sale event that featured industry professionals legends like Steve Chader of Keller Williams Integrity First, John Foltz, Designated Broker of Realty Executives, Jim Sexton of John Hall & Associates, Duane Fouts of Homesmart, Michelle Lind-General Council for AAR, and capped it off with one of the valley premier law firms-Thomson Conant. What if 800 Phoenix area REALTOR's came … [Read more...]

5 Things REALTOR’s Do That Annoy Evo-And Many Others Most Likely

Annoyed. We all get annoyed by different things.  For some its traffic, others its screaming kids or the significant other.  Normally the things that we do don't affect our business.  But, what if you are involuntarily doing something that annoys your potential clients?  Do you think they would be more or less likely to work with you for their real estate needs. Yep. At RE Bar Camp Phoenix in Scottsdale,  Evo Terra, a professional public speaker, author and digital … [Read more...]

Real Estate Bar Camp Phoenix 2010-Updated

It was a  beautiful Friday in Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the 2nd annual Real Estate Bar Camp Phoenix 2010.  I was there with with 800+ of my closest friends to learn the latest and greatest about leveraging technology in real estate. First of all. What's Bar Camp? "It’s an “un-conference”. There is no pre-printed agenda. The agenda is built that day and often morphs through the camp as people gather, talk and share.  Anyone can come and write on a board-what they want … [Read more...]