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What and Who Is MyTitleGuy.COM?

video for real estateMy name is Stephen Garner, AKA “MyTitleGuy”. I am a father of 2 beautiful children and a husband to 1. I am a blogger, vlogger and social media addict. Oh and I happen to be a title rep. My habits have afforded me a Unique Selling Proposition or “Value Proposition” in the real estate and title industry ” I help real estate professionals get found on the Internet”

Have you noticed the “shift”? No? I bet you have.. when I say “shift”, I mean the shift in your behavior. I mean your behavior has changed. You are going online when you have a need – for ANYTHING – information, products, services, relationships etc. You are watching videos online, and likely on your mobile device. Your kids are borrowing your iPhone’s and iPads, Droids and HTC’s, not to make calls but to watch VIDEOS. I call this, collectively, “the shift”. You know who else does this? Consumers.

That’s why I help real estate agents get found online, where a consumer would naturally look for you when they have a need for your real estate services. Imagine that. Less HUNTING people down to try and SELL them and more consumers coming to you – asking you questions. Asking for your help. Pretty sweet huh. Does it work? Well, since I don’t use postcards or flyers, and I don’t advertise on billboards or TV, or radio, and I don’t cold call or door knock, since I don’t do any of this and you are here right now, learning about me and what I do, I would say – YES.

I do this with emerging technologies in the real estate space like WordPress (this website is WordPress), video, screencast programs, indexable IDX solutions. And because all of this is worthless without the know how to create the content, the information, consumers are looking for online, I also help real estate agents understand what good content is, how to create it, how to get it found online and how to grow their real estate business with it.

I shoot all kinds of video for my clients. HD Property Tours and green screen videos like the ones below, as well as aerial video with camera equipped quadcopters. I help my clients GET MORE BUSINESS. I can help you too. You in Phoenix? I work for escrows. If you are not, I have created a course to help you learn how to get found online with video, WordPress and social media tools. I call it the Video For Real Estate Agents course, you will call it awesome. I guarantee it.

Consumer behavior has shifted – online. You may elect to stick with the same old business card, same old photo, on the same old postcard or flyer and the same old standard approach to getting your phone to ring. It’s going to be a looooong trip if this is your route. With over 90% of home buyers going online FIRST when searching for a home or information and 80% of consumers choosing the FIRST agent they come across when they have identified that need, – you will need a business model that can survive and thrive in the future.

This is where I can help you.

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