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Real Estate Marketing: How Does Hummingbird Affect Search?



Today over 90% of consumers start their home search online. 80% of them, will choose the first agent they find. This is why you, as a real estate agent have a website, hopefully WordPress, why you advertise on websites like Zillow, Trulia, REALTOR dot com, Craigslist etc and why you are creating videos. You want to get found online.

Getting found online is synonymous with one word – Google. Over 67% of consumers turn to Google when they have a need. Google has replaced the Yellow Pages and in many cases even word of mouth or personal referrals. Why? because Google is always there when we need it and always has the most relevant information. If you follow search, you have heard of something called an algorithm. Algorithm’s are how computers process data. Google uses algorithms to decide how and what content to deliver to you when you ask it a question.  It’s this algorithm that Google continues to modify, and these modifications are imperative to you getting found online.

Google’s latest algorithm’s were Panda and Penguin. Panda was aimed at websites that provide low quality content with high bounce rates (going back on your browser), duplicate content, keyword stuffing, that add to a poor user experience. Penguin was aimed at websites that have excessive LOW quality inbound links and keyword stuffing that again, add to poor user experience. These changes, are worth BILLIONS of dollars to businesses and the SEO companies, social media companies etc, they hire to keep them on page 1 of Google and in front of you.

Google’s latest algorithm change, called “hummingbird” occurred last week. In the short video below you will learn WHAT hummingbird is,  HOW it affects real estate agents like you, and more importantly,WHAT you can do TODAY to take advantage of Google’s latest changes.

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