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How To Market A Real Estate Agent

How To Market A Real Estate Agent

How To Market A Real Estate Agent

How To Market A Real Estate Agent. It seems like I am asked this question every single day. Well today I am going to tell you exactly how to market a real estate agent, or at least the way I would do it if I was a real estate agent.

Now, let me start by telling you I am NOT a real estate agent. You may be thinking, “How would you know how to market a real estate agent if you are not a real estate agent?” Which would be a logical question right? Well, it’s the fact that I am not a real estate agent that allows me to tell you how to market one. Believe it or not, when it comes to real estate agents, its real estate agents that you DON’T want to ask.


Because many real estate agents are full of horrible marketing ideas they got from talking to or “modeling” other real estate agents. Where do you think billboards in real estate came from? Magnets? Calendars? Branded Pens & Pads? Wrapped Hummers? Grocery Cart Ads? Uh yeah. In fact I would say if you want to attract consumers, you should probably ask a consumer how to market a real estate agent – NOT a real estate agent.

How Do You Market A Real Estate Agent

So how do you market a real estate agent? You don’t. I know you are shaking your head right now with your mouth open but I’m serious you don’t. Question. When is the last time you looked for a car salesman? Did I hear you say NEVER? I hope so. Because you haven’t. When you were looking to buy a car did you look for the salesperson to sell it to you? Hell NO. You looked for the CAR. Where did you look for it? Well, if the last time you bought a car was pre 2007 you may have used an auto magazine, you may have even gone to a dealership and picked up a few brochures. After 2007 you likely used the Internet.

You likely Google’d the car you wanted or thought you did. Price. Interior. Colors. Safety Features. Miles Per Gallon. Trim’s Available. Competition. Then you went to the dealership to test drive or buy the car. When you got to the dealership you felt it. The desperation of the sales people, walking towards you to offer you “help”. Trying to SELL you.Ā “Hi, Can I Help You?” Remember how you felt? Yea, that is how many consumers feel about real estate agents (sales people in general).

What Are Consumers Searching For

So how do you market a real estate agent? You don’t, remember!?. You market the things the consumer would look for when looking to buy a home. Like what? Say it with me now – homes for sale, subdivisions, major employers, crime, schools, taxes, lifestyle, house values, active adult communities, market conditions, mortgage options, interest rates, the buying process, selling process, how to invest in real estate and so on.

You market the things consumer would look for when attempting to find a home or gather information that helps them narrow down an area where they want to buy a home. What I don’t recommend is marketing yourself unless you have a strong niche. Something that immediately sets you apart from other real estate agents in your area. “For all you real estate needs!” ain’t gonna cut it and “Call for a free CMA!” is played out. Why? Did you care about the car salesman when you were looking for a car? Hell No. And consumers are not looking for you either. Oh by the way, the more you talk about yourself in your marketing and how awesome you are, or your designations, the more consumers will HATE you. That is IF they find you – which they won’t because again, they are not looking for you.

Subdivision Marketing Video

Luxury Property Video

Traditional Property Video

Real Estate Video Is What Consumers Prefer

You will need to learn how to create the content consumers are looking for online, where over 90% of them start their home search. Create the content consumers would look for when looking for a home and put it in your WordPress (Genesis framework) real estate website. Make a majority of it VIDEO like the ones above. If that scares you it shouldn’t. You prefer video. If you were looking for a home would you want to see 25 pictures of a home (taken with an iPhone) or a short video of it? If you said video, check out the Video For Real Estate Agents course by clicking the ebook at the top right of this page. I created it. And it rocks. And you will learn how to make videos like the ones above.

Get Them To Your Website!

Now you know how to market a real state agent, or at least how I think you should. Now, if you are a real estate agent in a rural part of the country where people prefer to mingle and actually talk to each other (you may have noticed social media has made us anything BUT more social) where they respond favorably to direct mail, where they read print real estate books – then you should incorporate direct mail into your marketing plan. Just remember the principles don’t change, only the delivery method. You don’t want to send glamour shot postcards of you with corny tag lines, you still need to provide value. Value helps consumers gather information or solve a problem. Make your marketing about things consumers in your area care about and direct them to your WordPress real estate website to learn more about them. Yes you still need a website and you better have videos on it. Why? Because consumers clearly prefer video remember? Oh and one more thing, you will notice that even though I work for a title company, I didn’t make this post about how awesome I am or we are. Why? If I had, you wouldn’t be here right now. Which means I had to create the content real estate agents would look for online when they want to know how to market themselves. So, How’d I do?

So now you know how to market a real estate agent, or at least how I think you should. But it doesn’t really matter what I think, what do YOU think? If you are a real estate agent in Phoenix that wants help marketing the things consumers ACTUALLY look for, fill out the form below. Ready? Go!

Need Help With My Real Estate Marketing

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Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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  • Sharon D

    Hi Stephen – more great content as usual!

    Do you mind if I ask what theme you use for your site? I understand it’s within the Genesis framework as you recommended above.

    We’ve been long time followers of your site and would like to thank you for what you put out there. We took the plunge recently into videos for our properties and the results have been amazing – for both buyers and sellers.

    We took your advice and began using the best camera out there – or as you put it
    ” the camera you have right now” – just a simple Sony Handy cam. O.K our vids are nowhere the level of yours yet, but we are getting there and to that end we have just invested in some new gear to create even better quality videos.

    All I can offer you is my personal thanks as we are down here in Australia and are unlikely to be needing an Arizona title guy in the near future – but if anyone is considering getting into video – take Stephen’s advice – he’s right IT WORKS!

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Stephen Garner

      Thank you Sharon, I appreciate that. I would love to see one of your videos sometime – when you are comfortable. If you need recommendations for other equipment let me know. Did you download my video ebook at the top right of this page yet? If not, check it out, there is a lot of good information in there. Thanks again, you know where to find me if you need me. To your success,

    • Stephen Garner

      Sorry, I just noticed the 1st part of your comment: yes my site is built on Genesis, not sure what theme it was though, it has been heavily modified. I will ask one of my programmers.