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Video For Real Estate Agents: How To Sell Yourself WITHOUT SELLING Yourself

real estate videoI know the title of this post seems weird right? I mean, how can you sell yourself without selling yourself? Even further – as a real estate professional, aren’t you SUPPOSED to SELL yourself? Like an elevator speech of some kind? You may be thinking “What are you talking about Stephen, have you lost it – Idiot?!” Nope. Let me explain.

In my experience, everyone has or has had a friend that thinks they are “it”. You know the type – “Oh My Gawd, everyone LOVES me” and “I just wish my phone would stop ringing!” Oh and you HATE that person for it. We simply HATE people that think they are better than us. I know I do.

Theres a funny thing about peeps that think they are better than anyone else or seem overly confident. And that is this: they are typically by far the most INSECURE people you will ever meet. These are the same people that LIVE for their titles, the people that will correct you if you leave off the VP, or Assistant VP or well, you get the point. Acting like they are ‘It” is actually a defense mechanism to protect themselves from – themselves. So needless to say, I don’t like to SELL myself. One of the reasons is pretty simple, we HATE to be SOLD to.

Well I have a secret. I’ve figured out a way to sell myself without SELLING myself. Oh and it’s awesome. Now, I’m in the title business, a title rep if you will. Now, think about SOME (not all) of the title reps you have met in your real estate career. The ones that call you. Take you to lunch. Sponsor classes. Speak in front of your office meetings. Talk about how great they are. Or their escrow officers are. Or their company is. All to get YOU to do business with them. It’s hard to tell where one ends and another begins sometimes huh? Because most of them say and do the same thing. Nothing “Purple Cow” about that approach. And thats why I don’t do it. EVER.

So HOW am I able to sell myself and my services without SELLING myself and my services? How am I able to be in front of the very people that would respond to my messages at the very time that they are most interested in my services? Easy. My real estate videos.

Yep. My real estate videos. Learning how to use video in my business has CHANGED my business. I don’t need to SELL anymore. Hooray! Yet – I am doing more business than I ever have. It’s 2005 all over again for me.  I have real estate agents, business owners, title companies contacting me for help that are so far outside of my marketing area it’s ridiculous. I’ve been able to get business from real estate agents and teams that have used the SAME escrow officer for years (in some cases 25 YEARS). And it was EASY. How? My real estate videos.

I started using video in my business 4 years ago. At first I stunk. I mean REALLY stunk. I didn’t know what to make videos about or even HOW to make videos. So, I made videos about ME. About my title company. About how great I THOUGHT I was. HUGE mistake. No one watched my videos. One of the reasons? We HATE people that think they are “it” remember?

But after a lot of TIME and a lot of MONEY I figured out the formula for making real estate videos that my ideal client would find value it. I made real estate videos – of value. Hundreds of them. About all kinds of things. WordPress, WordPress plug-ins, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, inbound marketing, VIDEO, video editing, video syndication, social media, life after trustee sale, moving to Phoenix, How to use video in real estate, qualities of a good real estate agent and so much more. I put these videos not just on YouTube – the SECOND largest search engine in the world and the THIRD most visited website in the WORLD but I also embedded them in this website.

Now, when my ideal client asks a search engine like Google or YouTube a question, they often find one of my articles or videos on the first page of their search. A simple click leads them to this website. Once here they watch the video and what? Leave? NOPE. My Google analytics says they stay. For how long? Great question!

My average visitor of the 2500 I get from Google alone every month stays 1 minute and 44 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a lot until you realize these people don’t know me. If they did they wouldn’t be searching in Google. This 1 minute and 44 seconds is an even more substantial stat when you consider the average visitor to any website stays less that 50 seconds. But it gets better. My average visitor that comes directly to stays 2 minutes and 9 seconds. These people obviously already know me or found me in some other way in order to type into the search bar and come directly here. Still with me?

Now it starts getting really cool. Facebook. Average visitor from Facebook (business page) stays 12 minutes and 22 seconds. Hold your breath for 1 minute, let alone 12. YouTube. 6 minutes and 17 seconds. Pinterest. 4 minutes and 23 seconds. What are they doing when they get here? Why would they stay so long when the average visitor to any website stays less than 50 seconds? Well this is the point of this post. They are watching my real estate videos. Reading my articles. Filling out forms on my website. Watching real estate tours. And while they are doing this, something else is happening. I’m selling myself without SELLING myself. They are learning more about me and how I can help. What my expertise is and how it applies to them. Sweet huh. Oh and it doesn’t happen between 8 – 5 like the “traditional” title marketing rep either. NO. This happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when I’m sleeping. And it doesn’t just happen here in Arizona. It doesn’t just happen here in the United States.

I was able to sell myself without selling myself by making my website a HUB. A HUB of information for my ideal client to FIND. To congregate to come back to. Now you may be thinking, “Stephen, you are in title and I am a real estate agent so what you are talking about does not apply to me idiot!” And you would be wrong. I’m in title – yes. The fact that over 3500 people come to my website every month is remarkable enough, I mean I’m in title, how many real estate agents could really use my services? But you, you are a real estate agent and EVERYONE will need yours at some point in time. There are hundreds of thousands of people that will need to buy or sell in Phoenix, Atlanta, LA, Indianapolis etc. Those people, over 90% of them anyway are going to start their home search where??? Yep – online. Oh and they would prefer to watch a video of a house they are interested in than the crappy iPhone pics some agent took – at the wrong angle, in low light, with no depth of field, while moving. Classic!

You can sell yourself without selling yourself my filling your website with content (video) your ideal client (buyers, sellers, investors) would look for. Not why you are the best real estate agent in the world – they don’t care – no really, they don’t. I’m talking about the buying and selling process. Life after short sale. How to buy an REO property. Subdivision info. City profiles. Major employers and on and on and on. You do this and your ideal client will find you. And when they do they will see you are the expert in your field. You will be the logical choice to help them. And then you can sell yourself – WITHOUT SELLING yourself. Now you just need to learn how to use video in your real estate business. Did I mention I might know a thing or two about that?

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Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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