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How To Download Videos from YouTube {Tutorial}

YouTube Video DownloadIf you are a real estate professional, REALTOR®, Loan Officer etc and you have been to our real estate marketing classes or met with our tech team, you know how important video is in your real estate business. Consumers prefer video. You prefer video. Video is not the future, it is the here and now. Real estate video has many benefits: Real estate video can help a real estate buyer mentally move in to a property, real estate video can help you get found online, real estate video can differentiate you from your competitors and much more.

In order for your real estate videos to get “found” online they need to be – online – right? YouTube is one of the places you want them to be. Since 2005 the popularity of YouTube has exploded. YouTube has over 60% marketshare over its competitors; YouTube is not only free, Google owns YouTube which means they (Google) has a vested interest in your videos getting found. Found on your YouTube channel. Not ours.

When our tech team shoots a real estate video for you, we load it on to our YouTube channel. This allows us to show you the video. After you approve the edits we have made it needs to be on YOUR YouTube channel. Once it is on your YouTube channel you can embed the video in your real estate website, and share it on social media channels like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest {yes you can put video on Pinterest}, Linkedin etc. Sharing it will drive traffic (consumers) back to your website where they can learn more about you, your value, what problem you can help them solve, watch other real estate videos and of course – search for homes. In the short video below you will learn how to use the Firefox browser to download your real estate video from our YouTube channel so you can put them on yours.

How To Download Video From YouTube

UPDATE… As of today 3/21/13 I was alerted there is a problem with the add-on listed above. Instead, install the “Flash Video Downloader”.

flash video downloader

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