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Real Estate Marketing: 8 Ways NOT To Get Found Online

Real Estate Content Creation

How NOT To Get Found Online

Look here and look there, it seems like everyone is an SEO or Search Engine Optimization expert. They tell real estate agents like you to do this or do that. Post this or post that. All to get noticed by the pretty lady. The pretty lady in this case is Google and she has the power to make or break your real estate business. Since there are so many experts out there telling you what you should do, I thought we should discuss 8  ways NOT to get found online.

8 Ways NOT To Get Found Online

1} Don’t have a website: some real estate agents are awesome at this already. I know it’s strange but in a world where 98% of consumers are staring their home search online, meaning the Internet, 40% of them do not have a website. If you don’t have a real estate website you likely can’t be found online – by anyone.

2} Have a crappy real estate website: the 2nd way to not get found online is to have a crappy real estate website. By “crappy” I mean static HTML. You know the kind of website that was designed to be an electronic billboard online. These kind of sites sometime look “pretty” with flash animation but it doesn’t matter because no one ever really see’s them.  Unless you direct  consumers to it

3} Don’t Update Your Website. The 3rd way to not get found online is by far the most common I see in the real estate space. Most real estate agents that have websites never update them. By update I mean, add new content. Google or any search engine has no incentive or reason to index a website that is not updated regularly or not at all.

4} Have Crappy Content. The 4th way not to get found online is the 2nd most prevalent. If it’s one thing I know for a fact, it’s that all content is not created the same. Crappy content is classified {by me} as content that sucks. Content that no one is looking for nor cares about.  Content that no one would ever look for like “why choose an ABR, CRS, GRI, e-pro etc real estate agent”

5} Duplicate Content. This is content that is copied verbatim from one website and pasted on another. I see this all the time in the real estate space. A real estate agent takes content from Inman,, Zillow, NY Times and others and posts it onto their own real estate website.

6} Talk Only About You. Are you a real estate agent that doesn’t want to get found online? Then talking about you and your designations and awards and knowledge and experience is a great way to do it. No one is looking for you because they don’t know you even exist.

7} Don’t Syndicate Content. Not syndicating or distributing your content to social media channels like facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Pintrerest and others is a great way not to get found online.

8} Broad Keyword Content. Choosing keywords that are too broad will result in not getting found online or getting found by the wrong audience. How beneficial is it to get found by someone that wants to buy a home in Alaska if you live and sell homes in Phoenix?

Like it or not, more of your real estate business will likely rely on being found online when a consumer wants to buy or sell real estate. I don’t even know you and I know that you go online when you have a need – for anything, so does your ideal client. I have already told you this but to many consumers a real estate agent is a commodity, this is why 80% of them will choose the 1st agent they find. You won’t have a chance to get their attention if they can’t find you.

In the next post we discuss HOW TO remedy them with 8 ways TO get found online

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