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They Ask A Question. How To Get Found Online

question“In the real estate industry the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The real estate agents who find or list homes and the loan officers who finance them. These are my stories.”

This story is 100% true. 

So, I’m sitting here in my office at Grand Canyon Title today [Friday] talking to a loan officer when my other line beeps. I look. It’s an out of state phone number. 562 area code – Norwalk, CA, or so my iPhone 4s says. I couldn’t help myself, I had to answer it.

“Phil, let me call you back, I got a call coming in from California, . . . .”.
I said

“Hello, this is Stephen” I say. It’s a gentlemen on the other end of the phone, a real estate broker in California.

“Hi, I would like to talk about hiring you for SEO services” he said.

Interesting. I thought

I start asking questions.

“Can I ask how you found me?”

“Google” he said

“OK, which website did you find?” I asked.

“The Title Guy .com”, [he obviously meant]

Now, before I continue with this story let me tell you, that I love real estate agents. I love getting found online by my ideal client [real estate agents] because every time they “find” me, it validates me. In a world where so many title people say “I can help you build your business” having an agent find me, proves – that I can.

Back to my story. . .

Let’s recap. Phone rings. Real estate broker in California. Want to hire me for SEO services. Who better to call about SEO services than a guy you just found online right?

But there is a slight problem. I’m in Arizona, he is in California. So getting his title work is out of the question but I answered his questions anyway. I had a sneaking suspicion it would turn into a great article. I was right……

“You don’t need SEO services” I said.

“What? Wait a minute, you are an SEO company and you are telling me I don’t need SEO services, what kind of business plan is that?”  he said. I laughed. Literally out loud.

I explained.

“There is no shortage of SEO companies out there that will gladly throw some back links to your site and take your money, I am not one of them. I am not even an SEO company” 

“You’re not?” he said

“Nope. I’m a title guy here in Phoenix, Arizona”

“You’re a title rep?” {surprised}

“Yep”. I said.

Now, I shit you not. This is exactly what he said to me next:

“Wow, you are a title rep? The title reps out here just drop off some business cards and leave!”


I explained. “I help real estate agents in Arizona [Phoenix to be exact] grow their business with tools like WordPress, Video, Twitter, Screencasts, Content and that kind of stuff”.

“Well, how do you get paid?” he asked

“Escrows. They pay me with their escrows. By using the title company I work for.”

“You would give me your escrows if I showed you how to grow your business online, wouldn’t you?”

“Heck yeah!” he said

{I love that.}

I continued.

“You don’t need SEO services, you simply need to learn HOW to create great content”.

What do you mean? he asked,  I have been playing around with Google’s keyword tool all day and there are no searches for “house Norwalk”.

“That’s because that is not how consumers search. They do not necessarily type keywords like that into Google. Instead, they ask a question. “House Norwalk, is too broad, the way they search is by telling Google EXACTLY what they want. 4-bedroom-2-bath-home-gated-community-under-400,000-Norwalk is more like it.”

He didn’t quite get it – yet. I explained further.

“Over 50% of all the searches that happen in Google are unique, as in they happen once and never happen again. The reason is, consumers ask a question. They ask Google a question or state exactly what they want and since no two people ask a question the same way, it’s unique.”

Then I gave him this advice, which I will give to you. . .

“Getting found online starts with rockstar content. Content your ideal client would look for when they have a need. Start carrying around a pad. Everywhere you go. Bring it on your buyer appointments and on your listing appointments. EVERY QUESTION a buyer or seller asks you should be written down. THEN, you take that list of questions and you start writing content around them. How is the market? Is now a good time to buy? Is there an HOA in X community? How are the schools around here? What is your commission? and on and on and on”.

I continued…

“We are not that different. One question from one buyer is not unique to that one buyer. There are other buyers and/or sellers with a similar question. Creating content around those questions will help consumers find you online. Even better, when they do find you – YOU are the expert.” 

He understood. I could hear in his voice the excitement that he could do it himself, and that he didn’t need an SEO company to do it for him.

Tell a story

Set the stage. Don’t just talk about how the market is, tell a story about how the market is. Doing so will help consumers find you and help them understand your expertise without you having to talk about your expertise.

Keywords are important but they are not the end all be all. Focus on creating content around a question a consumer would ask Google when they have a question. When they have a problem. Be the solution to someone else’s problem and THEY WILL FIND YOU. Then take all those questions, all those blog posts and do them again – on video.

They ask a question.

But the real question is: are YOU the answer to it? You could be IF you know how to create interesting, engaging, educational and valuable content.

Are you a Phoenix REALTOR®? From Video to WordPress, Screen Capture to Indexable IDX solutions, I can help you grow your real estate business. Today 94% of consumers start their home search online and 80% will choose the FIRST real estate agent they FIND. Want to be that FIRST agent? Please fill out the form below.

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Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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  • Allen Henderson

    Right on! As usual! Story doesn’t change. Content is King!