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How To STOP Recommended Videos From Appearing On Your YouTube Real Estate Videos

Remove related videos YouTubeImagine for a moment you are a consumer. Lets say you are a homeowner and you live in Phoenix. Got it? OK. You are underwater on your Phoenix home to the tune of – oh, lets say. . . .$80,000, no that’s not enough, let’s say $100,000, yeah – $100,000.

You have watched your neighborhood be absolutely destroyed by foreclosures. The Johnson’s, gone. The Smith’s – them too. Many of the people that lived in your Phoenix area subdivision are gone – they lost their Phoenix homes to foreclosure.

You are in the same predicament. Lately you have heard about something called a short sale. You have done your research, you saw a story on TV here and there and on your local news and the local newspapers have covered the topic as well. Through your research, you have learned that a short sale is a much better option than a foreclosure, at least it is here in Phoenix. You now know that it is better on your credit and that you can buy a home in less time than if you were to go through the “F” word – Foreclosure process.

Still, for all the information you have gathered you still long for someone to tell you that  it is going to be OK. Someone that has completed a short sale, someone that can explain the process and what is actually going to happen. So, like so many other consumers that want more information, you go to YouTube.

You ask YouTube for information about “life after short sale in Arizona” and you find what you are looking for. A very well put together video by a Phoenix area real estate agent that is talking WITH you, not AT you, about the short sale process in Arizona. The REALTOR® explains what will happen, that you are not a bad person, that this is a business decision. He even included picture-in-picture and cutaway video interviews of other Phoenix area homeowners that have completed a short sale with this REALTOR® [social proof].

His real estate video is great, it’s interesting and engaging and best of all – it’s not about how “EPICALLY awesome” he is like so many of the “other agents” do. His real estate video is on point, edited well, includes visual calls to action and even a slight undertone of music. You can tell this guy went to the “How To Use Video In Real Estate” Series taught by Stephen Garner AKA “MyTitleGuy” at Grand Canyon Title Agency. [shameless plug]

You are so engaged that you watch his video all the way to the end. Just when you are about to pick up the phone and tell him to come over and meet with you and your family about a short sale, his video ends and YouTube throws up its RECOMMENDED or SUGGESTED VIDEOS. As you hear the dial tone you see that one of the videos that YouTube is recommending is from ANOTHER Phoenix area Real Estate Agent and they too are talking about short sale.

What the hell, It couldn’t hurt right? No such thing as too much information, so you click on his video, only his video IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF THE VIDEO you just watched. In fact, this agent is talking about how only an IDIOT would short sale their home and FORECLOSURE is a much better option in Arizona and throws in the “Don’t TRUST those agents that tell you short sale is a good idea” and on and on and on.

You freeze.

What are you supposed to do? You saw this 1st video and it all made perfect sense, you had the phone in your hand and was dialing his number when YouTube threw this RECOMMENDED video at you. Should you call this 1st agent or call the 2nd?

What do you do?

While YouTube is trying to help us, often times, when you use YouTube for your video hosting,[and you certainly should] those damn recommended videos can hurt your real estate marketing message. You know how to turn off related videos when you embed a video into your WordPress real estate website but how do you stop recommended videos from diluting your message when your video is watched on YouTube? In the video below I show you HOW to do just that.


So there you have it. While YouTube’s related or recommended videos are great when you are cruising the site for entertainment purposes [who gets sick of dancing babies or singing cats?] it is not so great when YouTube recommends a competitors video to a consumer that just watched yours. Following the steps above will help you preserve your real estate marketing messaging without any interference from YouTube’s related or recommended videos.

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