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Real Estate Marketing With Video: Video Equipment Needed

real estate marketing with video

Equipment Needed

Real estate marketing with video is the future. I have said it before. There are two kinds of real estate agents: those using video in their real estate business now and those that will be. Sure video is cool and fun but that is not why you will be using it in your real estate business, no, you will be using it because consumers prefer video.

Not only do they prefer it, they are demanding it. Video says so much more than a picture or text ever could. Video is not only visual, it is also emotional. Would you rather see 25 pictures of a home or a short video on it? Exactly.

I do all kinds of video, From screen capture videos with software like Camtasia mac to subdivision videos and time lapse videos using the Go PRO HD Hero 2 to full HD DSLR videos with my Canon 60D, Visual Stories to just me talking into the webcam in my Macbook Pro. There are many types of video and there is even more types of video equipment.

In my real estate marketing classes, real estate agents ask all kinds of questions related to the video equipment I use and why.

“Do I need a full HD DSLR camera or can I use the Flip Mino HD or Kodak Zi8?”

Real Estate Marketing With Video

There is a lot of noise out there about “must have” equipment, is it really a must have? I doubt it. In my experience the camera equipment you currently have is the best equipment for you. But for many looking at getting into real estate marketing with video, it is important that you start with the absolute necessities and save the bucks until you know for sure you are “in there like swimwear” as I like to say. So let’s take a look at what equipment every real estate agent really should have as they start the journey towards real estate marketing videos.

Real Estate Marketing With Video: Camera Equipment

Makes sense that if you are shooting video you would need a video camera. But what kind? Some of the camera’s I recommend are the Kodak Zi8 [discontinued but still available on Ebay] , Kodak Zi10 [AKA Playtouch] or anything else that has an internal hard drive or SD card AND allows for an external microphone. As I teach in my real estate marketing classes, AUDIO is actually more important than VIDEO so it does not matter how awesome your video quality is if your audio is full of echo’s or wind or the volume is too low. Other camera’s I recommend that I own and use myself include DSLR cameras like the Canon T3i, T2i, Canon 60D

Real Estate Marketing With Video: Tripods

For the love of Puppies, Get one. Not the kind you find for $25 either, I am talking a about a video tripod, a tripod that was created with video in mind. Any old tripod can stand straight up and balance your camera but a video trip is specifically designed to pan and tilt using a fluid head for smooth shots. A video tripod will also likely have lever locks for height adjustment and a level for balance. Video tripods range in cost from $128 for the Cowboy Studio FT all the way to {$1800 and beyond} for a Manfrotto kit.

Real Estate Marketing With Video: Microphones

Please, please, Get one. As I said earlier, audio is incredibly important. Your target audience needs to be able to hear you deliver your message in a professional and concise way. A microphone will help you do that. Depending on what kind of video you are making will determine the kind of microphone you need. I use a USB Shure Condenser Mic {$300} for my Skype Interviews, screen capture and visual story videos. I use an Azden SMX 10 shotgun mic {$85} on my 60D and T3i when I was to capture the audio of a room or a group and I use my Sennheiser EW112PG-3A Wireless Lavalier mic and receiver {$600} when I am doing an interview or making a video of myself. I use a cheap wired mic {$5} when I don’t want to fuss and distance from the camera is not an issue.  All of these microphones have different uses for different purposes.

Real Estate Marketing With Video: Editing Software

You need some. Nothing will spice up your video like music, text, annotations and transitions. To do this you will need editing software. Some are free and some are paid. In my experience, you get what you pay for. If you are a PC and you have Vista or later you likely have Windows Live Movie Maker on your machine and it is FREE! If you are a mac you have iMovie included on your machine. iMove is an amazing program that anyone can learn to use. I cut my teeth on iMovie before I moved up to Final Cut Pro X. Other options for PC include SONY Vegas and Avid Studio by Pinnacle to name a few.

SD Cards

You will need them. And good ones too. Make sure you go with a reputable card like Transcend or Sandisk. Follow your camera’s recommendations here. DSLR camera’s will typically require a speed class 6 or higher card while smaller cameras like the Kodak Zi8 and Zi10 may accept a class 2 card.

Extra Batteries

You would be amazed how fast video, especially HD video can drain your DSLR Camera, Flip Mino, Kodak Zi8 or Zi10. While no extra batteries are available le for the Kodak Zi8, Zi10, or Flip Mino HD they are available for DSLR camera’s. If you can count on anything, you can count on running out of juice at the wrong time. You can avoid this by carrying extra batteries. [I do].

Now that you know what video equipment I use [this is certainly not an exhaustive list] you should come to one of my Phoenix real estate marketing classes to learn WHAT to make videos about,  technique, video editing, video optimization, video distribution, identifying your competitors and more. Check the class schedule for a list of FREE classes and locations.


In my opinion, these are some of the tools you need to start your journey into real estate marketing with video. In addition to the cameras listed above, you can also use your webcam on your PC or Mac. Whatever camera and equipment you have right now is the equipment you should use. Once you get the video bug [like I did, 50% of my leads come from my videos] you can run out and get  a DSLR Camera, Teleprompter, GlideCam, Green Screen, Lights, X-shot, Delkin Fat Gecko Grips etc. {I have them all for you to use}

If you are a Phoenix real estate agent that would like help growing your real estate business with video, WordPress, SEO, CraigsList etc please fill out the form below. I have all the tools you will need to start your journey on the right foot and I will help you grow your real estate business. You can pay me in escrows. Please fill out the form below, 2o minutes and a cup of coffee could change the direction of your real estate business.

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Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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