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Real Estate Video Marketing: The Tale Of TWO Tapes

Marketing Ideas For Real Estate

Lights! Camera! Do Over?

In my capacity as the Director of Sales Technology for Grand Canyon Title Agency in Phoenix [boy that’s a mouth full], my job, my responsibility is to help Phoenix real estate agents grow their business. There are many ways to do this but the tools I use involve the use of technology.

I don’t normally do: direct mail, print real estate ads, print real estate books, magnets, Phoenix Suns, Coyotes, AZ Diamondbacks, ASU, NAU, Cardinals sports schedules, branded coffee mugs, fly swatters, labels, postcards, fliers, etc.

I don’t normally do them because [in my world] consumers do not respond favorably to them. Sure, direct mail works in some instances but it is cost prohibitive in large numbers. I am fine with helping a real estate agent create a postcard that is meant for a specific audience, sent to that specific audience with a strong call to action for [wait for it] that specific audience. “residents of Val Vista Lakes facing foreclosure”

I think direct mail pieces can be a great way to drive traffic to your real estate website where consumers can search for homes for sale, learn more about you, your experience, knowledge, specialties and ultimately – your value. IF it is done correctly. By “correctly” I mean, with the right messaging.

Another marketing idea for real estate is to drive traffic to your real estate website with the use of video. Video can be [if you know how] easily found in Google, YouTube and YouTube’s related search. Video is not only engaging, it also gives you a face when a consumer reaches your real estate website. Up until the point where a consumer watches a video on your real estate website you are a nameless and faceless salesperson.

There are many marketing ideas for real estate but I help my clients with technologes like WordPress [where your real estate video would be embedded], HD Video, Screen Capture Video, HUB Marketing [driving traffic to your website using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Digg etc] and more. I help my clients get “found” online, where their ideal client and 94% of consumers start their home search. This is where the “fish” are.

In my experience, there is no shortage of HORRIBLE real estate marketing ideas. I can’t tell you how many postcards and flyers and newsletters and door hangers I have received at my house with nothing more that some “stats” about a real estate agent I DON’T KNOW. “TOP PRODUCER” “Presidents Circle” “ABR” “CRS” “GRI” “E-PRO” “CDPE”  and a clever tagline like “Everything I Touch Turns To SOLD”. Folks, I have been in title for over 10 years and I not only don’t know what some of these things mean – I DON’T CARE! You know who else doesn’t care? EVERYONE ELSE OUTSIDE OF THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY!

But I digress. Maybe.

I have seen horrible examples of real estate marketing with video as well. Seems like a lot of real estate agents have taken the idea of trying to be all things to everyone [for all of your real estate needs!] added some designations and tag lines, talked about how GREAT! they are, but instead of doing it in print – are now doing it on video.

I know scary right

I have seen some examples of real estate marketing with video that leave me scratching my head. It is clear there is no specific audience or target in mind [who are you talking to?] No tripod, No Microphone, No Plan, No Direction.

Yesterday I spent a few hours with one of my clients and all around favorite people, Jeff Gritzmacher with Realty One Group in Tempe. Jeff and I get together once or twice a month and make a video for his clients,investors and anyone else looking for information about the Phoenix Housing Market [ a lot are by the way, collectively over 40,000 searches a month]. It is really easy to see a finished product and think “wow, that looks easy”. It’s not. Often a simple 3 minute video takes 2 hours to shoot, another hour to edit, upload and optimize.

Below are two videos.

The 1st one is the finished product. Jeff and I  used a Canon DSLR Camera, Sennheiser wireless mic and receiver, Digital USB Condenser Mic, 18-200 mm lens, teleprompter, Zacuto rail system, Camtasia mac and Final Cut Pro. Music was mixed myself using music software.


The second is the out takes. All the things that went wrong. The things we did not control for. Using a teleprompter can be challenging because, in some people, reading from it takes away from your natural personality and delivery. This is over 2 hours of planning and tweaking and shooting and re shooting condensed into 2 minutes. With Jeff’s blessing, we share it with you. Jeff is good. A Natural. Comfortable on camera [some people FREAK OUT!]. Notice how we work together to deliver the best message we can. Notice how I said WE. WE are in this together. For better of worse. Hopefully better.


Take Away

Using video in your real estate business is a must. Consumers expect video. Wouldn’t you? If you are going to take on video it is important that you know WHO you are talking to. “What problem do you solve” Why would anyone look for your video? Why would or should they watch it? You will need video equipment. Start with the Kodak Zi8, Flip Mino HD or PlayTouch, a wired microphone and tripod and move up from there. Learn about editing softwares like Windows Like Movie Maker, SONY Vegas, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Camtasia Studio/Camtasia Mac. Learn on your own about all of these or [if you are in Phoenix] come to my real estate marketing classes where I will show you the HOW TO. Class Testimonials. Check the class schedule for a class near you and come. I help my clients grow their business with technologies like WordPress, Video, Screen Capture, Indexable IDX and more. I can help you too. Just one more service I offer to help my clients grow their business. Now might be a good time to evaluate the value you get from your Phoenix Title Company. Fill out the form below if you would like to discuss HOW I can help you and your business

OK, Stephen, SHOW ME why you are a better fit for my real estate business

The tools that I help my clients grow their real estate business are not theory, they are what works for me. They will work for you as well. Shift the way you market to consumers. I can help. Fill out the form below to discuss how I can help you.
  • Feel free to tell me ahead of time what you want help with. If you have a website that you want me to look at before we talk on the phone, please send it to me. I look forward to speaking with you.



Hi I'm Stephen Garner, I'm just a guy in the title industry {in Phoenix} trying to change how real estate agents market themselves and their services. To that end, I teach my clients HOW TO leverage sales technologies like WordPress, Content, Video, Camtasia, Final Cut X, iMovie and indexable IDX solutions to convey value and help your ideal client find you online when they are most interested in learning about you and your services. I work for escrows. Hire me!

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