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Phoenix Real Estate Agents: Choose Wisely

Choosing a real estate agent

I teach real estate marketing classes for Phoenix Real Estate Agents. Below are some of the things the Phoenix Real Estate Agents in my classes say you should avoid when choosing a Phoenix Real Estate Agent. I hope this helps make your selection process easier – choose wisely.


It’s an exciting time. You have waited for a long time to buy a home in Phoenix. No more living in that apartment – the one with the small closets, the noisy neighbors, the crying baby, the neighbor auditioning for “So You Think You Can Dance” – [she can’t by the way]. So, like 94% of consumers looking for a home in Phoenix you go to the Internet.

You search. The necessities at first, then the “wants” – 4 bedroom 2 bath home in Phoenix soon becomes 5 bedroom 3 bath, gated community with a pool. You find it. It is the one. Everything tells you this is the home for you. You pick up the phone and like 80% of consumers searching online for a Phoenix Home For Sale – you choose the 1st real estate agent in Phoenix you come across, the listing agent [at least they appear to be]. But wait! Is this the right real estate agent in Phoenix? Here is why choosing the WRONG Phoenix real estate agent could cost you.

Phoenix Real Estate Agent: Choose Wisely

In my 10 years of working in the title industry in Phoenix Arizona I have come across Good and BAD real estate agents in Phoenix. Here is what I would NOT look for in a real estate agent if I was considering buying or selling a home in the Valley Of The Sun.


Unfortunately it is everywhere in our society, from the local McDonalds to the bookstore. While I can walk away from it at either place, choosing a Phoenix real estate agent that is unprofessional can cost you, An unprofessional Phoenix real estate agent can alienate other real estate agents, making it less likely anyone including the sellers agent will want to deal with them. This is also a way to guarantee a NOT Smooth transaction [is that even a word – Not Smooth?].

It’s ALL about THEM

I have seen these kinds of Phoenix real estate agents first hand. You know, the ones that love to tell you how great they are. The ones that can’t wait to show you their brand new DESIGNATION, the ones that care more about themselves than you. Here is a shocker: it can’t be about them and you at the same time, one of you has to give. Make sure you find a Phoenix real estate agent that puts your concerns ahead of their own. A good Phoenix real estate agent will do more of asking questions about what you want and why it’s important to you than telling you what you do want and why it should be.


Every time I meet someone, anyone that is pushy I immediately remember being a child. An awkward time for me – how about you? I don’t want someone that tells me what I want. Working with a pushy Phoenix real estate agent can mean you end up in the wrong house, in the wrong area, with the wrong neighbors [see neighbors above], in the wrong price range. A good Phoenix real estate agent will listen and put your needs first.

Not Full Time

Imagine, you found the house. This baby is it! You call your Phoenix real estate agent only to find out he/she can’t show you your dream home until they get out of [wait for it] WORK! Yes, it turns out your real estate agent does not just work for you but for The MAN TOO! You can hear “price check on aisle 6″ in the background. Make sure you find a Phoenix real estate agent that is available when you are. A real estate agent that can show you homes when it fits your needs and schedule and not necessarily their own. Consider this: A real estate agent with a 2nd job could mean they are not so good at their 1st job.


You may find this hard to believe but you may spend the next 90-120 days [or more] with this Phoenix real estate agent. You will be meeting them at house A which will then turn into house B or even C, you will be in and out of many cars, including theirs, in what is sometimes extreme conditions [it’s a dry heat]. Given the choice wouldn’t you want to spend time with a real estate agent that is not only professional and not pushy but comfortable to be around as well?


Give me a break! If you were having chest pain, would you want a doctor that was “OK” or an expert? The expert right? If you choose the wrong Phoenix real estate agent you could miss that new freeway going in behind your new home or the landfill the home you are considering was built on. Choosing the wrong real estate agent will also cost you in your pocketbook. There are upfront costs you will have to pay like inspections, appraisal, HOA transfer fees [sometimes], etc. An experienced Phoenix real estate agent will be able to tell you not just about an area, but what builders, floor plans, size, lot size you can expect to find there too.

No One Is Perfect

Guys, no one is perfect – I know I’m not – but there are certain things you should demand from your Phoenix real estate agent. See the 8 Qualities To Look For In A Real Estate Agent. You will need to work together to finish what is [for many] the most important financial decision we will ever make. Just like real estate agents, all title companies are not created the same, see How To Choose A Title Company

If you are considering buying a home in the Phoenix Metro area, choosing the wrong Phoenix real estate agent can cost you. After 10 years working in title with some of the best real estate agents in the Phoenix area, I would be happy to help you. Please fill out the form below and I will make sure you get referred to a professional, not pushy, experienced, comfortable, full time Phoenix real estate agent.

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