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Real Estate Website Content: Peeps Like To be Engaged Folks

Real Estate Website ContentWhen you look at your local newspaper [if you still do that kind of thang] – what are you looking for? Are you looking for “the news” or are you looking for “the news” that is interesting and engaging? Probably the interesting engaging news right? I mean – life is boring enough without being forced to read some boring crap in a boring newspaper right?

Guess what. . .it’s the same thing with real estate website content and real estate websites.

Let me explain. . .


Consumers May Not Want What You ThinkChandler Homes For Sale

When a consumer asks a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube  a question about Chandler Homes For Sale they may not only want Chandler Homes For Sale. I know – confusing right? Think about it from the consumers perspective. When you type “Chandler Homes For Sale” into a search engine do you really want to be face to face with a search box with predefined blank or drop down spaces like:


  • beds
  • baths
  • rooms
  • square feet
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • zip code
  • pool
  • gated
  • fireplace
  • garage
  • and
  • on
  • and
  • on
  • ?

When it comes to real estate website content, consumers like to be engaged. YOU like to be engaged. Is your real estate website content engaging? I know some REALTORS that rank on the 1st page of a search engine like Google for common search terms with over 12,000 searches a month that get very few leads. One possible reason why? Their real estate website content is NOT Engaging. You may have heard that being at the top of the search engines is important [and it is] but it means nothing if your bounce rate is ridiculous. Just because you are in the 1st page of anything does not mean you will get leads. PERIOD. How many websites do you click on, websites that may have the information you are looking for and still you just leave? A lot right. Me too!

Real Estate Website Content: It’s all the same. . .Isn’t It?

Tell me something: Is the real estate website content [information], “homes for sale”, in the IDX on your real estate website the same as the REALTOR to your left and to your right? YES. So why should I as a consumer invest any of my life my time searching on a boring real estate website “with boxes” when all I have to do is hit BACK on my browser to go to one of the other 250 Million results for Phoenix Real Estate?

About 250,000,000 results (0.23 seconds)


Just because someone types Chandler Homes For Sale into Google does not mean they actually want to see Chandler homes for sale. They way want information about things to do in Chandler, Parks, Pictures, Videos, Ostrich Festival, Short Sale Info – not just a search.

Look At The BIG Boys

In the real estate space, you will often hear the term “modeling”. Modeling is just that – “modeling” or copying an existing, successful model. Why reinvent the wheel right? When it comes to internet marketing, WHO is absolutely KILLING IT? Yep REALTOR dot com, Zillow, Trulia, Sawbuck, Movado etc. They too are on the 1st page of Google but they get a ton of leads. Why?  In addition to being on page 1 of the major search engines, their websites are engaging. Do they open solely to a search box? Nope. There are maps and walking scores, information on rentals, foreclosures, articles on finance, moving, how to’s, advice and opinions, and more


Just because you are on the 1st page of a search engine doesn’t mean you will get leads. “Being there” is only part of the equation, providing value through engaging real estate website content is another part. Every REALTOR has access to homes for sale, every REALTOR has an IDX on their real estate website – consumers want more than just homes for sale. They want opinions and videos, articles and subdivision info and more. Give it to them… they will thank you for it.

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