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Video Marketing Tips: EmbedPlus Enhances Consumer Engagement

Video Marketing TipsOK, Want a video marketing tip? I have told you before – there are two types of real estate agents, those that are using video in their real estate business and those that will be. I believe this. I believe it because I know what I prefer and I [like you] am a consumer. I believe 2012 will be the year real estate peeps across the country and certainly Arizona – if I have anything to say about it – will jump on video like a fat kid on cake, not because it’s cool or sexy [it is by the way] but because consumers are demanding video. Wouldn’t you? Here are a few video marketing tips you may find of benefit.

Video Marketing Tip 1: It Makes Sense To Use Video In Real Estate Marketing

If there is any industry that it makes sense to use video in marketing it’s real estate. Think about the natural progression of your real estate marketing. Text – pictures – more pictures – video. If you have been in real estate sales for any period of time you already know that buying a home is an emotional process. You have seen it before – buyers walk in, they start imagining WHERE to put their armoire, where to put HIS chair, which kid will get which room – they have already moved in – in their minds. Talk about a buying signal!

Video Marketing Tip 2: Video Can Get You Found Online

Before a consumer gets to the home they will search the internet for information, for pictures and yes – for videos of homes for sale. Homes are sale in a certain area, neighborhood, subdivision, city, state etc. Real estate agents using video in their real estate marketing have a HUGE advantage over their competitors because consumers are not just searching the top real estate websites, they are also searching something called – YouTube. Wouldn’t you? I mean if you want to know what something looks like, do you go to Google or YouTube? I know where I go, {and I know where your buyers go – even if you don’t}. Video is 57% more likely to rank on the 1st page of Google than text alone

Video Marketing Tip 3: Real Estate Videos Enhances Consumer Engagement

Video enhances engagement, it shows you and your properties in a different light than text or pictures ever could. With almost 200 videos on my YouTube Channel, {100 public}, I have been using video in my marketing for a few years. I routinely get real estate agents from across the United States {and Canada – what’s up eh} that fill out forms on my website stating “I found your YouTube Channel or I have been watching your real estate marketing videos and…” As amazing as video is for your real estate marketing, I stumbled upon a video player that makes real estate video marketing even more amazing. It’s called EmbedPlus.

EmbedPlus adds another layer of engagement to your real estate marketing videos on popular video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Embedplus, like all video players allows consumers to play and pause a video, even skip to chapters {if you have set them up within youtube}, EmbedPlus also allows consumers to:

  • Slow Motion: Watch videos at a slower rate to clarify what happened
  • Movable Zoom: Magnifies the area the mouse points over
  • Instant Replay/Loop : replay an even as soon as it happened
  • Real Time Reactions: shows reaction to your video, YouTube Comments and Twitter
  • Sweet Spot Marketing: Reveals the scenes that are generating the most buzz by other viewers
Below is a visual story video I used to announce my new position as Director Of Sales Technology with Lawyers Title on YouTube and immediately below it is the same video, using EmbedPlus.
Normal YouTube Video



EmbedPlus Video


[embedplusvideo height=”360″ width=”640″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=trGRd_P4iD8&width=640&height=360&start=&stop=&hd=1&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep3320″ /]


Which one do you prefer as real estate agent or REALTOR®? Which one would you prefer as a consumer? I like the EmbedPlus player much better not only for its function but its engagement, remember – one of the key factors of marketing [especially video] is engagement. If I was a REALTOR®, I would want to give a buyer the ability to ZOOM into the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, backyard etc. Slow down and replay that backyard “Honey look at this!”

It’s been my experience that it’s the little things that separate one REALTOR® or real estate agent from another, little video marketing tips like EmbedPlus.

Ready to get going? See HOW TO add the EmbedPlus Plugin to your WordPress Real Estate Blog, configure it and of course, embed a video into your WordPress website using this awesome video player.

Are you are a Phoenix REALTOR® considering using video in your real estate marketing? See my 10 Tips To Video Marketing Success , attend one of my Phoenix Real Estate Marketing Classes or fill out the form below to meet. You buy the coffee I’ll do the talking.




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